VIP Companionship

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While Covid infections continue worldwide and across the United States there are signs of hope!  The numbers are beginning to go down and vaccinations are taking place. I've now had all three Pfizer vaccines. 

​SO.....I have resumed personal adventures and I am booking NOW! However, safety guidelines will still be in places to honor my friends and family when they visit me.

Please know that each and every lover I meet shares a unique and special place in my life. The chemistry that you are I embrace will be a memory for a lifetime. I prefer to avoid the usual promises about how "fabulous" the time will be. I will simply say this....YOU will be MY man for the time we share. Our own adventure will be unlike any other experience in OUR lives. We will escape to a world of our own.


I have the passion, the wisdom and the experience that enables me to touch YOUR deepest desires.  And mine! There is nothing more powerful and beautiful in life.


You must be healthy and possess vaccine certification to prove you are fully vaccinated. It goes without saying you MUST book in advance since I will be greatly limiting the number of friends I meet. Thus, to secure a date a deposit of 25% of the donation is also required IN ADVANCE at the time of acceptance of your desired booking day and time for any multi hour, dinner date or overnight encounters.


If you are a returning friend that I have met within the past 18 months, you may contact me by your usual means.


Safety is my primary consideration. Please call or email for information about screening and safety procedures. If it's been more then a 18 months since we last met re-screening is essential. 


Please note that same-day appointments are NOT available.



One Happy Hour 500

90 Minute Romp 700

Two Hour Escape 950

Three Hour Exploration 1400

Four Hour Adventure 1850

Lunch/Dinner Date 1150

(2 hours private time)


24 hour notice

​Tampa Bay,  St. Pete

Add 200.

​Orlando, Ocala and Sarasota

24 hour notice

​​1350 2 hours


48 hour notice

1650 2 hours

Longer interludes add 450 for each additional hour.


Dinner and Overnight 3000
12 hours and a morning cuddle

Weekend Tryst 5000

Friday after 6 until we say goodbye Sunday after brunch.

​Fly Me To You
Dependent upon travel time and the length of our time together. Minimum 1850  plus upgraded airfare, Hotel, Expenses. 50% deposit before departure. 4 hour adventure.