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Wshere Did Saturday Go? Pic

Good morning my friends,

I know, I know, I'm slipping up lately. I was so focused on tasks around my condo yesterday that THIS entirely left my little gray cells. It's been so hot here for so long I've put off reorganizing my storage room within my two car garage. While I have a little portable fan in there to keep the air moving and prevent mildew it does not make a comfortable climate in which to work.

It's been in in the 50's each morning so now was the time to jump on the task.

I'm happy to say I can actually walk in the room and move around. Of course, now the garage has a corner of items for the dump. There's a complete sound system and two flat screen tv's. All old technology. I doubt anyone will want them. The trick is where do they go? The home owner's association frowns upon that kind of trash in the dumpster. I may have to make an after dark trip.

What have I been up to? I did film with Daddy 10 inch Florida and while I did not have my videographer the reel turned out to be hot. But he was in a hurry to miss the Tampa computer traffic so he beat it out of here. He's young so I was hoping we could revive and shoot a second video as he suggested but after his orgasm he was ready to leave. Something that is familar as often visitors have the same hopes initially. One and done is usually it.

I DO love long afternoons in bed with multiple opportunities but I was still happy with one really good f---. And it was, doggy style.

Yes, parts 1 and 2 are now up at

For those of you with fetish/bdsm proclivities I've reinstated my ad at Just put Anneke Van Buren in the search bar. Or enter Florida/Tampa then search for me. This is the site for you who are seeking a professional dominatrix/mistress/goddess.

Thanksgiving is this week and I do not know where this year has slipped by. This year, I am not preparing a Thanksgiving dinner. It's the first time in a while. Wednesday I've been invited to my neighbors for the full dinner and on Thursday my London friend and I are dining at Ruth's Chris.

Believe it or not, it saves me a ton of $'s dining there instead of preparing the meal for a gang. Not to mention 3 days of prep work. After we're heading back to my place for cocktails and dessert. We're just buds....don't let your imagination get carried away. I am doing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Then, Friday is the beginning of the transformation. Decorating the condo for Christmas! I've added some new pieces and am really going over the top this year. Can't wait to see how it all comes together.

Since I painted the entry and kitchen fuschia and the dining room gallery wall chartreuse I added some decore pieces that repeat that. Yes, it will be lively!

On a naughtier note, I always desire members/fans/friends with which to film. You do not need to show your face. Requirements? In shape, well groomed and able to stay hard and engage in a hot, hot adventure.

You do not have to be young but you do have to be young at heart. In other words, still get it up and be able to ejaculate. While I do have fake cum to resemble ejaculate it's much better with the real stuff.

Today I'm still working on some organizational stuff and will film the Monday social media updates for tomorrow and the naughtier version for only fans.

Speaking of social media, no one knows what is going to happen at Twitter and I just received a notice that Musk allowed T.... back on the site.

You know, I don't really care any longer IF it affords Twitter to be able to stay up. It's a major part of how I get referrals for Only Fans and cam sessions. I won't be reading his tweets. Let's hope Musks wakes up, treats his employees with respect and gets some coders and engineers back.

I've just come off an a 9 month shadow ban because of Dorsey's censorship of sex worker's tweets. Did that impact me? Damn skippy! The minute it ended my only fans climbed.

We still are second class citizens in the world. Although everyone who is different now seems to be a future target. It does not feel good at all and if you aren't secure in who you are as a person you could go under mentally and emotionally. I do know and I'm comfortable that the profession and the lifestyle I've chosen are what suit me best.

Here's a few pics of what I've been up to this week. I'd greatly appreciate your further support at my only fans or clip store. It does pay the rent and allow me to have some fun! Links at this website.

Life is good and I feel fabulous!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


A little jewelry for Monday's update.

Thursday's Addition to Social Media and OF

Heading out for errands.

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