Winging it on my own....again. Adios Webmistress. Pics

Good Morning My Friends,

It's already 79 and 88% humidity. It's going to be a hot one today. I was hoping to get an early walk in but that combo is too high for me.

I awakened at 7am. I'd had a text at 6:30 am that someone wanted to "chat." I responded that my hours are 10 am to 10 pm and sent my website link. Me...just waking up with bed head and no make up would have been a real eye opener. lol

My next move was to check my email. And there was the shocker! My webmistress just flat out quit. She sent a letter to all her "former" clients and friends that she was done. In all ways.

We spoke this week and I knew she was considering leaving the business. She has had a major struggle since hurricane Harvey hit Houston and now Covid. Add poor health and a 87 here old Mom living with her and she was overwhelmed. But, I sure didn't expect an abrupt end. She still has photos that she owed me from last fall's photo shoot and ALL my member list from the old website and most of my archived journal.

I get where she is. In a very hard place. Many of us are still struggling with the continuing effects of Covid. I feel badly for her. I can manage the website with the help of the folks at Wix. She had said from the beginning that if anything happened to her we wouldn't be left out in the cold. They have a huge support system.

So it's been one of those weeks. Thursday evening I went outside to fill my big pitcher to water my patio plants. I turned the handle of the faucet and the whole things blew out of the wall. Water gushing everywhere. I did not know where the shut off valve was and called our Cam.

Thankfully, she walked down, didn't know either, but folks were out on our street for a outdoor concert that happens on Thursday nights. She grabbed one of the guys and he and his wife came down. His wife knew where the shut off was and turned it off before I flooded our courtyard.

Typically of this community others joined in to see if they could help and brought big buckets for water. I could help myself to my neighbor's hose. I wasn't going to get a plumber that night I figured. I call two options. And the second, my handyman S, gave me the name of the plumber he uses. I left the number on his voice mail and called again the next morning. He was here by 10 am.

What was interesting was spending an evening with no water. We forget how it's part and parcel of our daily lives. If I needed to flush the toilet I went into the garage and dipped my pitcher into the big bucket. Which led to my thinking...aha...I need to get a couple of these in case we get a hurricane and there's no power. I'd had the presence of mind to fill up a couple of glasses with the ice in the fridge for my morning coffee and my glass of O2 next to my bed at night.

I will mention the plumber did a stellar job. He had to chip out the stucco around the faucet as the pvc pipe was crooked. That's another story about the quality of the construction. Remember, this is the second leak since I moved in. He did the repair, fitted a special bracket behind the faucet to take the pressure off the handle and then actually repaired the stucco. I was astounded. So, Tampa, if you need a craftsman who is also a plumber I have a name for you.

A flurry of business Thursday and a lot of tire kickers who disappear 5 minutes before the gift is supposed to be sent and the session gets cancelled. It's like a mini version of the old appointment system. Mind you, I've already gotten dressed and ready.

This lack is getting to me in two ways. The bank account and I'm extremely horny. I'm just kind of sitting back and waiting to see how the Universe is going to get things going again. I know it will.

I did forget to mention that last week one of my old friends here and I went to dinner at Donatello's in Tampa. It was my very first foray out for dinner since Covid. It's one of my favorite restaurants in our city and the cuisine is wonderful. Even better was being able to share a meal with a friend and great conversation. I find I'm starved for both of those happening. Life certainly is different and limited in Covid. But I'm very thankful I have a beautiful home in a loving community, enough to eat and certainly closets full of sexy outfits to wear.

It is the oddest thing and others have shared this same thought with me. When I head out for errands, grocery, RX, etc I feel like I'm relieved when I am heading home to safety and refuge. What a time to be living in. Then I think immediately of all those all over the world that have none of the above. The poor, the refugees, the homeless on the streets and I stop bitchin'.

Because life really has been good to me. The pics here this morning are from a filming I did Wednesday but uploaded yesterday at Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. A little Fetish attire for the kinky side of me and you. Remember you can see the little video at all the above. The naughty version is here on the xxx member page.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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