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Whirlwind Week! I Love it! Pics

Hi Peeps,

It's hot and humid. I'll just cut and paste that until November here. Florida's long hot spell is fine IF you have air conditioning. Unfortunately mine started to poop out this last week.

I think you know I have asthma. The last few days I've had a little bit of difficulty breathing and it seemed to be uncomfortable in the house. The air was working so I was blaming it on allergies. Well, it stopped working yesterday morning and I put in a call to Red Cap plumbing and air condtioning. They were here by 5:30 pm. That in itself is a miracle. Luckily it was just a capacitor although who knows how long a 14 year air conditioner will chug on.

I asked if this might have affected the asthma and the tech said, "well, maybe, because it does smell musty in here." I'm glad to say no shortness of breath this morning. It probably was not filtering the crap out of the air properly. (And yes, I change my air filter once a month.)

Lola, my Rogue, has been put through her paces this last week. Up and back to Ocala last Friday. Over and back to Orlando on the next day, Saturday...huge amount of hours in traffic. Then after my Sunday/Monday trip to Chicago Over and back to Orlando again on Tuesday/Wednesday. Thankfully the traffic was not so bad. It was great seeing old friends these last few days!

Thinking that a Jiffy Lube oil change might be a better buy then taking Lola to the Nissan dealer I had my first oil change yesterday. Synthetic of course. Boy was I wrong about the cost. Like everything else it's increased. Thankfully, unlike many folks I am able to keep pace. But carefully. A trip to Whole Foods the other day was mind boggling. There are items that I just cannot find anywhere else as I try to eat cleaner and more organicly. And use dairy free substitutes too. Whole Foods has many choices. what I say about those.

I'm doing clean keto these days to lower my LDL. Very little red meat too. It's tough having no dairy. I love cheese and butter but I'm learning to live without it. Olive oil , olives and avocados are taking it's place. Remarkedly satisfying. Still high fat but better fat.

No flight problems to Chicago and back and an utterly enjoyable trip. I stayed at my old Grand Dame and dined well as in the past. I'm thinking a little early December visit for Christmas splendor as in past years might be fun. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, airline travel will have improved by then as pilots get recertified.

I've been doing a lot of solo content for Only Fans and I'm finding that those who love that are many. I've decided to stop fretting about new models and just do what I can. The Universe will take care of the rest.

For those who love boy/girl content the Delivery Guy returns Monday night to film our playtime with my new videographer. This should be great! Myla and I will play again soon too! I KNOW you love that!

I'm taking it easy today. Heading to the pool and maybe dinner at the resort later. I'm just thankful to be cool and dry in my beautiful home.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


From the photo shoot with Aldo.

Selfie for Thursday Social Media updates this week.

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