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Where Did I Go? My Neighbors Wanted to Know * Pics

Hi My Friends,

I'm back in Florida and I apologize for not updating last Saturday. As you've probably heard air travel last week was a disaster and unfortunately, I got caught up in it heading north and returning home.

It began last Tuesday when that early morning flight cancelled and AA rebooked me for Wednesday. They let me know at 12:30 am. When I awakened to get ready for the flight at 3am...there was the text. I was texting my poor driver at 3:30 in the morning.

It was scheduled to have me missing my sister in law's wake. Grrr. But the universe was with me and we landed 30 minutes early. A mad dash on Lyft but I made it.

Sharing our family's grief isn't the stuff you want to read about I know. But I came away uplifted, know that my brother is surrounded by her family, us and friends that love and support him. And I made a new friend in a Methodist pastor who is one dynamite gal. Another story but not here.

So Friday's flight was at 7:30 pm...instead of the a m I thought I'd booked. Oops. And in my rattled brain I left my phone behind in my brother's car when I got to the Albany airport. I realized it AFTER I'd checked my bag and my laptop in it.

I was screwed with no way to contact anyone. Do YOU have emergency numbers written down elsewhere? Most do not.

I knew I had to make the best of it but when I got to the gate, saw the plane was arriving late and I had 20 minutes to connect to Tampa in Charlotte I knew I was in more trouble. I upgraded to first class to get out the door of the plane and make a run for it but that flight had already left by the time I landed. The gate attendent pretty much had said, " you won't make it" and in her wisdom, booked a hotel for me in Charlotte.

Except I had no way of notifying anyone, much less my driver of the changes.

When I deplanned the assist line for AA was 1/4 of a mile long. If she hadn't booked that hotel I'd have been at the airport all night.

I made the best of it, checked in and went to sleep at 2am...awakening at 6..back at the airport by 8am to hopefully get on a flight standby. Once I saw the crowds I knew that wasn't going to happen. BUT I did have a seat on the 3:29 pm to Tampa.

I had breakfast, walked all over the airport at least getting some exercise, shopped, had lunch, talked to a nice lady at the rocking chairs,,,,if you've flown through Charlotte you know of what I speak and had a nice lunch.

I went to the departure board and saw my flight was now 3:55 pm. I noticed an earlier one to Tampa and beat feet to see if I could get on it. I did with 6 minutes to spare before they boarded. At the airport I had to take a cab. Thankfully they still have a few that wait.

When I finally got home, my upstairs neighbor came down and read me the riot act. "Where have you been? Your driver was at the airport for 3 hours last night, went into AA...they said you'd never made the connection and they had NO idea where you were." And then he notified the Charlotte police. Everyone thought I had been abducted.

When I explained, the lightbulb went on, we called my driver, explained, texted my sister, explained, she had finally found the phone late Friday after my not answering frantic texts...and etc, etc, etc. Still, it was bittersweet to know that folks here cared about me.

My sister flew back Sunday...I drove an hour and a half north and back to retrieve my phone.

But I was one of only thousands of folks who had terrible or worst travel experiences last week. In comparison, mine wasn't so bad.

Monday...I said, f--- it...I'm going to the pool and basically did nothing but stand in the pool, have lunch, sit in the sun, stand in the pool more, hotter then blue blazes and then have cocktails at home. Oh, I did do some yoga in the morning!

I'm just now feeling back to my old self.

Lest you think it was all stressful...remember I said I upgraded to first class Friday night? My seatmate was an adorable 32 year old business traveler who was hoping his flight could get cancelled because he thought he was following me to my hotel. NO.....I didn't do it but it was fun and we took full advantage of the free cocktails on the flight.

I had written my intentions earlier in the week for that trip. I asked to meet someone interesting. And I did. A female pastor and a young, whip smart hottie.

I'm home and content and life is good!

Your About To Be Naughty Again Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...Miami follks, I'll be there on the afternoon of the 15th of July until late morning the 17th, attending Exotica if you'd like to get together for dinner....or?

One of the finished pics from the shoot with Aldo Antonio. It's one of my favorites!

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