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What a Mixture of Life * Thankfully! Pics

Hello My Friends,

I didn't forget you. I was filming most of yesterday with Violet and MD. Of course, they are one and the same except dressed up.

Instead of shooting at home I went to her/his hotel in downtown Tampa. She/he was thinking we were coming back here so it took a bit for her to get camera ready. She knows makeup almost as well as I, perhaps better. If you haven't figured this out she/he is a crossdresser. was VERY naughty. But it has to get edited before I put it up. MD and I had our own session too!

I was just musing about my life. Someone on Twitter yesterday wrote that they were saying goodbye after I posted of pic of me in workout wear. They commented that they liked the reality better than they fantasy so they were leaving. THAT made no sense to me because every week here you get a dose of MY reality. Apparently he never read my journal. When I replied as such I never heard from him again.

As I've mentioned before. one of my missions when I became a provider was to show that we gals were real, flesh and blood women, with important daily lives, families, foibles as well as the supposed glamour. We weren't just "objects." Sometimes it feels like I'm not making an impression and then someone will send me an email to say..."thank you for your positive comments and thoughts." They see beyond the outside persona.

The humorous thing is this exactly who I am. I LOVE getting dolled up, wearing beautiful clothes and doing my hair and make up. I always have since I was a little girl. I'm a freakin' Leo...that's who we are. So what you see is really who I am. Big personality, ego and NOT shy in front of the camera. As I get older I am much quieter in social settings in person. I don't need to be the center of attention in my everyday life any longer. Growing older has brought an inner confidence.

And then there's the cultured side...I was brought up to appreciate the arts and as a trained classical pianist and soprano it's innate for me to love any form of beautiful art, music, literature and dance.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the Advent calendar from Jacquie Lawson. It's online and for each of the 25 days there is a special scene celebrating the Holidays. This year's is set in London and I just love seeing one of my favorite cities featured there.

I'm not a sports nut. I never have been. When I was married and had someone to watch Monday night football with Cosell, Dandy Don and Joe Namath it was a big event for everyone. Loved it but those days are gone. And I'd rather watch Britbox on Amazon instead. But until OnlyFans and dumping my cable channels I kept an eye on what was going on in the sports world. Not so much now even though our Tampa Bay teams have been fantastic!

I love to read, from cozy mysteries to great Detective stories to Fantasy to Romance to books that help me on my spiritual journey. I read myself to sleep every evening.

I love to cook and entertain but that has changed for all of us during Covid. I used to go to our nightclub every night of the week to dance and for "late night cardio" but the past two owners ended that and especially now during Covid. I loved going to the movies...yes, by myself with a tub of popcorn but after the Bond film and all the unmasked people...that's out too.

I've been fortunate to have traveled to almost every major city in the US. Working in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Toronto, Montreal. Visiting Amsterdam and spending time in France in Normandy. I've seen a lot of the Caribbean too and Mexico.

I'm very happy to be at home right now with the pandemic but I'm getting itchy feet. Maybe next year I'll get back to the UK...just to visit I think. But you never know what opportunities life will bring.

My tv/tech guy is hopefully going to install my new TV and home theater system this weekend. He and my videographer has been sick but tested negative for Covid. This is what happens when the flu and winter colds start and you quit wearing your mask. Mine is staying on....forever.

So I can't wait to get this set up. It's my safe, nightly entertainment when I'm not working. I've been watching The Wheel of Time on Amazon. I read that series years ago and it's been interesting seeing it. My son and I both slogged our way through 8 to 900 pages long novels. I quit at 10...he kept going.

Tomorrow my old friend who lives in London and also here arrives for a couple of months. I'm picking him up at the airport and I can't wait to catch up. There's something really special about reuniting with old friends.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products from last week's photo shoot. Out of the blue, Aldo Antonio said he was going to be in Tampa Jan. 8 would I want to shoot? Well, of course. We're going to do a short shoot and he's also going to help me shoot some content for OnlyFans. Can't wait.

Life is good! I'll be in touch before Christmas. Stay safe and please wear your mask. I will too!

Love and Kisses,


Monday's Update for Social Media..with a naughty version at OF. Don't you love that color?

Today's update...the Map of the World on me!

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