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Well...I'm here this week! Pics

Hello my lovely friends,

I know I started writing a journal entry last week....but obviously it didn't make it here. Too much on my plate I think but that's a good thing except it makes it seem I don't care about this journal...not true and I apologize for the neglect.

It's 66, overcast, humid with a high of 71 today. Not the day to go to the pool.

But that's not in my plans. Thursday I received a text from Sis saying, "Now don't freak out but I am in the ER after signs of stroke." She thought she'd been having TIA's all week and when she couldn't balance on her left side and her blood pressure was very high.

The text to me was in the early afternoon. At 10pm that evening she was still in the waiting room. She checked out, left and went to Ocala Regional the next morning...early. Where she is admitted. They have done more tests and the MRI is next this morning. She's in good spirits on the phone and insisted I not come up. Well, tough...I'm going today because that's exactly what she'd do.

I know, from experience, that the first very few minutes and hours are crucial for stroke patients, and while she's monitored, she hasn't had any treatment yet. Both hospitals are supposedly stroke centers. I think this is a sad state of affairs in my opinion.

And I'm sad to say that that is the care of geriatrics in Florida. Yeah, I'm considered one. I've lived in this state since 2004 and you become invisible to Doctors if you are a Senior. At least most of them. Fortunately I have found a new primary care Doc, who I met yesterday and she is the far. No problems, just wanted to get registered with someone here as all my great doctors were in Albany. Why I had my hip replaced there and not in Florida. Plus I had my Sis to care for me after. So she's not getting away with insisting I don't need to visit. lol

Enough of that, but this journal is about me and my whole life. It's been a crazy week, work wise and family wise. Well, the last two since you hear nowt from me last week. But crazy in a good way. Lots of cam sessions, a favorite friend visiting with another kick ass Thunder Boomer on Tuesday.

John and I did a solo film last week after Thursday's point of view with the Delivery Guy. Anneke has to visit her teacher. It's hilarious and hot. Yes, it's possible.

Next week looks promising too.

I'm staying about the same at but I am going to be at 1%...I am manifesting that and that is what I desire. I also am manifesting new hot models with whom to film. Guys or gals!

I visited my new hair stylist last week and while I love the highlights of Auburn with my blonde it's still a little too dark for camera. She's good but she's stubborn as to what I want. I'll get her there yet.

My 2008 Altima is limping along and I got a whopping estimate for repairs this week. Some we did, some things I will nurse along as it is safe to do so. I should buy another car but as you all know, now is not the time. So, hopefully I can keep her going for a few more thousand miles. She's never been my favorite since my 350 Z but she's paid for and has been faithful. And car insurance is very high in Florida. We'll see. I'm still hoping to find a used 2 door Cadillac CTS. Chances are good I might just do so in Sis's neighborhood. The old people of The Villages who pass have kids always trying to sell their parent's cars.

This is a time of change for all but in a good way. I'm excited about what this year is bringing. As long as we have our health, are comfortable and have people that love us what more could we want?

Oh....and lots of good sex!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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