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Welcome to the new

Hello My Sweet Friends,

Yes, it's finally finished and isn't it fabulous! Holly of Pampered Pixels did the design and all the hard work and I'm so thrilled and proud!

I hope you'll enjoy it and stay tuned for my additions down the road. I am in the process of moving the XXX portion to my clips4sale store at Sorry, it will no longer be gratis but I'll be able to add a lot more updates with more content each week. Stay tuned for when that happens.

I'm keeping this short and sweet tonight because it's close to bedtime and I've had a busy day. We're also working on merging the old mailing list with the new additions to this redesign. Please be patient as we learn the ropes and grow.

I'm looking forward to bringing the latest in the naughty adventures of Anneke Van Buren!

Love you all and wish you a Happy, Safe and Fun Fourth of July!!

Love, Licks and Hugs,


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