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Welcome Back Friends and A Happy Holiday Weekend! * Pics!

Hello My Naughty Boys,

It's another glorious day here north of Tampa. I awakened early and had my tea and did my gratitude list outside on the patio. Perfect temperature.

I arise, make the tea and then go outside to check on my patio garden and my lone chrysalis in the butterfly enclosure. I found a lizard inside it the other day so any munching caterpillars have been munched themselves. Once and hopefully if, this chrysalis hatches I'm taking the screen down.

Butterflies live and die in nature. I'll just have to let the universe decide which will fly or be a meal on their way to becoming one. It's the cycle of life. While we need all insects we really need to help the pollinators.

I've been busy this week although I have to think why. lol I did join the neighboring nudist resort Tuesday. I'm hoping to go over today and get a little sun, (with sunscreen of course) and maybe have lunch. They have a very nice little dining room. Home cooked type menu but full meals. The pool area looks out over a good sized lake. Folks are out their in kayak's, paddle boots and little sail boats. Just lovely and so peaceful.

I've uploaded my twitter and content for the day and I'm taking the rest of the weekend off. IF I'm free and relaxed and someone wants a short cam session I might indulge. Everyone, no matter their profession, needs to step away and reconnect with nature and the everyday world.

I'm almost finished with this round of painting. I still have to do a tile stencil on the kitchen back splash but the stencil hasn't arrived. I'm loving the crazy and bright colors and they make me happy. Next project maybe the playroom. Although it will be a tough job painting around the St. Andrew's cross and the big French mirror. They are UP there with bolts. I'll have to paint around them.

When I'm finished I'll add pics here.

This week I've also spent some time in my patio garden repotting and trimming back the growth on several pots. Since we're temperate in Florida annuals have a long life here. But they still get tired after a while and need to be either pruned back or replaced. My orchids are just glorious right now and I think they bring me the most delight of all.

I love living in Florida with the year round color! I'm even looking forward to the long hot season this year. It means watering every day but I enjoy that in the mornings with my tea.

Yes, I'm VERY domestic in my everyday life but throw in the naughty and I'm very blessed to live the life I do. Believe me I do not take my way of life for granted. I love the freedom to be exactly who I want to be. But I am careful to fit in the community without causing problems. You have to be really obnoxious to do that here. (smiles) People are very tolerant if you don't infringe upon them. Oh yeah...that's libertarian isn't it?

Myla and I filmed again yesterday at her little love nest. It is a hot, hot Fetish shoot with her appearing as my maid. And sub. And yes, we ARE available for private duos. Just bring your snorkel. She's more of a squirter then I! Part 1 is already up at Only Fans and it will be a full movie at at a future date.

So, life is good. I'm sending my wishes to all of you, Happy Easter, Passover and Ramadan. This convergence of the major faiths is hopefully a reminder that we can and should live in peace in this world. Please pray for Ukraine and Afghanistan and our world this holy week. And send help. The American Red Cross is a safe place to do so.

Smiles, Kisses and Much Love,


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