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Weddings Amongst Friends * Pics

Hi My Naughty Friends,

It's a glorious day today. I awakened early and then dawdled over my gratitude list. I said to self. "Get yourself going. There's stuff to do."

I loaded up Lola for the dumpster and then drove down to unload. I don't understand how ONE person can generate so much trash. But, it was mostly from the garden.

I've been repotting, replanting and cutting back again. I'm also fighting a losing battle against aphids and powdery mildew. I've already given them multiple shots of my home made insecticidal spray to not avail. I'm afraid it's a trip to Lowe's for the nasty stuff, that I hate using. If YOU have a sure fire spray that's not harmful please send it my way.

Thursday I headed over to Orlando for a wedding vow renewal ceremony for friends. It was outside on a sunny but windy day. Just lovely. And it was great to see Haley of in Orlando. She's a sweet mature escort I've known for years. After, a few of us went out to dinner at Bahama Breeze. Right around the corner from my hotel.

I used to live in Orlando from 2001-2002. That apartment was also right around the corner and I was astounded at how there wasn't a square inch of space that wasn't built up with shopping malls and chain restaurants. Sorry, Orlando, you can keep your traffic.

With 1400 people moving to Florida everyday it is having a profound effect on our economy here. Not to mention the traffic. They have lots of money and have sold their homes for big bucks and seem to be willing to pay anything just to buy something. It's driven the rental and real estate prices through the roof and we have an serious affordable housing shortage. As well as a housing shortage. The locals can't afford to live here.

My rent went up 50%. But since I did not want to leave my lovely apartment I was proactive and offered that in exchange for a two year lease. It would have cost me double again to move outside the gate for the same amount of space. And I don't want to live outside the gate! They would love me to buy it but it's priced out of my budget. And I really do not want a mortage at this time of my life.

A former playmate/model reached out this week. It's looking like he's interested in filming. I'm very excited! I so enjoyed him when we worked together.

I'm having a difficult time finding models and I apologize in advance if my is getting a little monotonous! When I run out of folks to film with I simply film myself....playing with myself. LOL

I'm putzing around today. Filming of course and running some errands. I just might take myself out for an early dinner. Tomorrow my plan is to go to my new nudist resort for the afternoon. I had such a great time last Sunday I'm ready for a repeat. I love the laid back friendly atmosphere!

Not much else new. My friend K is going to help me paint at least one wall of the playroom this week. Black....of course. We're going to add some glitter in the paint to help give it some more glam! is still good!

Your VERY Naughty Girfriend, Goddess and GILF,


A naughty pic for you!

Wedding Attire

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