Up To My Eyebrows in Moving! Pics

Good Morning My Friends,

It's Friday, Aug. 14th. 79 right now with 90% humidity. Those numbers added together go over 150. Too high to exercise outside for someone like me with asthma. Actually, my gym is open and when I drive by mid-morning there are few cars. After the move I'm going to check it out and so how they are handling the sanitation and distancing. I'd really like to get back to biking, inside, out of the humidity. Don't worry, if it doesn't look safe, I will not.

I've been having problems writing this blog but I've finally figured out there's a better point of entry to do it. My webmistress's Mom is 87 and she fell and fractured her pelvis so she's had her hands very full. So, I figured it out on my own.

Tomorrow we get the keys to the new apartment. Until now, I've only had the garage door opener but we've made many trips and it's getting full. We'll spend the weekend moving clothes, lamps and smaller items that I wouldn't want the movers to do. They arrive on Monday. The big challenge is taking down that massive chrome poster bed in the playroom. However, the owner of the moving company assures me they will know how.

I've actually had a great week virtually, phone and text wise. Some really hot sessions. One yesterday with age play. Do I need to spell that out? Remember, these are fantasies expressed and that makes it even hotter for those who want to live them out in a safe and non-judgemental encounter. Hot, hot, hot!

When I say WE my Sister is still with me and her husband flew down Monday. They have been an enormous help in this process. It would have been a real bear if I'd had to to this on my own.

They will head back north the end of next week. She's been getting a little antsy so yesterday they took a long ride and found the New Port Richey Elks clubs. She was "Elk of the year" last year so this is important in their lives. I just can't see me there can you?

Well, believe it or not my ex and I were members of the Boca Raton Elks lodge ages ago before women could be Elks. I was a doe. I hate to even admit it. lol The drinks were cheap.

That's my little vanilla secret.

Not much else to share. I'm moving, slipping some naughtiness in here and there. With advance notice it's very possible any day or evening. So don't stay away if you need an Anneke Fixxx. No, one on one in person adventures for a while yet. And remember, there are 340 videos at

Have a fabulous weekend. I'm happily moving in, partially, this one.

Your STILL Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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