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Good Saturday Morning Boys!

My eyes popped open at 6 am this morning. Try as I might, I just could not get back to sleep. So, I gave up, got up, brewed a pot of coffee and watered my patio garden. I have extra watering duties now as my upstairs neighbor has returned to his other home in CA for a few months.

Actually, I like wandering around outside earlier in the mornings before the sun blasts over my neighbor's roof. It's peaceful and quiet. I don't want to sit with the sun in my eyes as I'm doing my gratitude list.

There's not a lot to report outside of some very sexy cam sessions and daily life. I'm still staying close to home except for essentials. Groceries, RX's, vodka. lol There are no retail therapy trips any longer. Outside of $'s to pay the monthly obligations there isn't anything I really need. Those day to day items I can get from Amazon. They know the way to my place.

I wish I could use Amazon $'s for hair and nails. Like most, I've stretched out the trips to the hair salon and added days between nail appointments. NOT complaining, it's life now in Covid.

Since in person encounters are limited by choice I'm grateful to the internet and my toys for my orgasms. With you on cam! On the days I'm extra horny, I supplement from Porn hub. Just as some of you do. It's still more fun with you though!

It's a real dilemma. It would be such a help if I had more in person appointments but there's always that risk that "someone" who visits might be asymptomatic or newly infected and not know it. I continue to be very selective and cautious!

I'm not going to criticize the girls that seem to have no concern touring all over the country or seeing guys at the last minute. We all have to pay our bills. Fortunately I have been able to do so, with some help from family and friends along the way but it's nerve wracking. If I let it be.

Let's face it money doesn't make us happy but it sure makes life a lot easier when we have enough. I know, I know, I'm preaching to the choir here. But in the many years I've now been single, I've always made it. It might be down to the wire but it shows up. Again, we've all been there. So I switch my mindset to "it will be okay, I'm thankful for what I do have and it's always ok."

I just had a big outing to Lowe's for a cocoa liner and orchid bark and then Target for my inhaler. Whoo Hoo!! And that's about it except for an occasional cocktail from a distance with a neighbor in my new neighborhood.

There are 5 separate home owner associations and each one is very different. My first home here was a tiny 444 square foot condo in the oldest part of the community as a whole. I left in 2011 when the economy was so bad too and headed to Upstate NY. My residence was there until 2016 even though I made lots of visits during the winters to this place. In 2015-2016 I leased the studio side of my last place before I took all of it in the fall of 2016. Moving back full time to Florida. I just wanted to be back among more open minded and tolerant friends. The Northeast is very conservative and it was hard to make new friends..

Yes, I miss aspects of life there but I was blessed to be able to live both there and here in Florida. The last two years in both.

While Alexx was moaning this morning on our Facebook messaging about it being dark, dreary and cold I was in the fully stocked garden center of Lowe's. While it's warmer here year round there is a change in the gardening with the seasons. Especially when it starts to get cooler. Summer and early fall fry most plants.

Now I'm seeing cyclamen, amaryllis, new crops of mums, more begonias and pretty soon the pointsettias will be rolling in. Yep....we grow them outside. The geraniums will be later.

My Christmas cactus is now in the dark entry coat closet. It needs darkness and less water for a few weeks to set the blooms that arrive during the holidays and delightfully last for several weeks. Mine is a cutting from my sister who got her''s from my mother. She passed away in 2001 and she had hers for years.

Yep....I know not titillating but this journal still is about the everyday of my life as well as the naughtiness and fun of it. I feel like I'm in a good place in my life. Healthy, happy were I live and managing to still survive despite this awful pandemic that never seems to end. So many are in a bad place mentally, financially or sick. Let's not mention....gone.

When I come through our gate and pull into my garage and enter my beautiful new home......I am very grateful I have a profession I love that I can offer from home and I have friends around me.

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


The other side of the playroom in lavender.

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