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Hello My Friends,

It's a beautiful, dry, sunny, lovely day here in Land O Lakes, FL. These next two months are probably the highlight of perfect weather in Florida. May arrives with heat. But with the way weather patterns are changing who knows. I do know one will be hot in Florida.

I took an easy walk Monday and did a yoga session yesterday. Today it's going to be light weights with no shoulder or over the head movements. It's still doable. It's great to be active again!

Virtual and phone activity has picked up to what it was a few months ago. The energy has shifted and I feel more optimistic! My Eros ad is up and while I'm getting lots of calls it's like the salesman's game. Maybe one out of ten you make a sale. Only I know the odds are higher in my business. Plus there are a lot of visiting porn stars in Tampa the next few days. But...there's only one me. lol

We update for social media tomorrow. I was supposed to have an adventure at noon but he has disappeared and not confirmed. He does the same thing with virtual appts so I was ready for this. Now I don't have to change our filming time.

I will have to film for Xposed this week myself. Unless someone with a complete vaccination wants to join me. My videographer had better opportunities to work this week. Point of view BBBJ's are always popular.

However, you still have to do all the compliance forms...and show ID. The only one who sees that is me and Diamond Jim...he's my custodian of records. I've never been audited by the government but you have to keep those records to prove I'm not working with underage partners Just in case. They only bit that shows is your.........cock. Oh....and me.

I am SO horny. Just the thought of being able to be intimate with a real person again is driving me nuts. That and the new hormone pellet! Watch out!

Not much else new. Just cleaning the place today and did a little redesigning. Without spending anything which is what redesign is. Using your old stuff for a new look!

Cum see me old friends! Just be vaccinated or tested within the last 3-5 days. Advance notice of course. I just can't do same day appointments during these days. But....

Life is still good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday's update. Simple sundress. Yes! There is a naughty version at XXX members. You have to join to see the content there. It's free.


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