The Last Journal Update for 2020 * Can't Wait for 2021 * Pics

Hello My Naughty Boys,

This is it....the last journal entry for a challenging year. Today began with warmer temps..61 when I went out on my patio to do my gratitude list and have my tea.

Tea? Ye gods Anneke...what happened to your morning ritual of coffee? I just couldn't drink it any longer. It did not agree with my body. I went kicking and screaming into coffee withdrawal, not caffeine withdrawal. A well steeped tea wakes me up just as well. It was a psychological event. I was upset I had to drink tea instead of coffee. Seemed......un-american. But after 3 days and adding sugar instead of that artificial Swerve and heavy cream I was out of withdrawal. Now I look forward to that big steaming hot mug of tea just as much as the coffee.

I don't like starting the keto day with sugar in my beverage but the carbs get counted as part of my daily allotment. I haven't gained any weight adding it.

And that's life in 2020. It's been simplified to being thankful for the very little things. Because we can't enjoy the so called big things. Going out to dinner...having a cocktail with lots of friends, parties, the club, traveling. Giving someone a hug and a kiss when you run into them. Not to mention the loss of my major employment and income.

No, it's been the year to learn how to practice restraint and social distancing to stay alive. And the funny thing of all of this's okay. Sometimes it's lonely. Especially as a single woman who does not have a beau. And whose family lives elsewhere. But like everyone else, we call or text frequently. Thankfully, Face Time and Skype have saved my a--. But it's not been easy. I'm....getting by. But there's a lot to be said for squeaking it out when you see all the folks who totally lost their source of income and/or are facing eviction. Their landlords too who can't pay their mortgages because they are not getting rent. It's a nightmare for many!

I feel VERY grateful to be living in this big beautiful home (less money then the last one) and "squeaking by." I've had to ask for help along the way and again, I'm thankful I had it.

One little tidbit. I've been bothered with nasty dreams for some time now. My daughter suggested wearing lapis and tiger eye crystals to bed. Near my heart. Immediately the awful ones stopped. Then Alexx suggested I wear hematite. I bought a pendant from Amazon. Now my dreams are freakin' sexual romps every night. He said it would keep me grounded. Yes, that's me I'm a grounded sex maniac!

Who knew? I love waking up aroused and with a smile on my face. I just wish I had someone to jump on when I do. Soon.....we all wish!

So here's to a Happier 2021. I'm eagerly awaiting that jab! And the second one too! This is one time is helps to be "older."

I'll do a little self filming update today and then it's time to get down to business. If you are in the mood for a little monkey am I!!!!

Life is still good!!

Your VERY naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


ps..."Whipped Cream and Cherries" is up at Messy and naughty!

Pics from the Monday update.

The Sandals are a gift from a Twitter follower.

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