The Holidays Have Begun in Land O Lakes, FL * Pics of course!

Hello My Friends,

It's kind of overcast, more humid, 76 and breezy. I hadn't gotten my walk in this morning because after my coffee I headed to Publix. They have old people's hour here also in the grocery stores. I actually enjoy heading out earlier in the morning to shop. No crowds and everyone is in a good mood.

Yesterday was not one of those days. Everything I tried to do got stymied or complicated. By the end of the afternoon I was looking forward way too much to a martini. I sent a message to Alexx and said I'm just aggravated and I'm trying hard not to be. He replied, "It's a high anxiety day." He was even absorbing it from his clients in their readings.

Albany's numbers are going up, mostly because of the Universities and the colleges. New York State has basically kicked their students out and sent them home. One of my friends who calls every Saturday said his son in Syracuse's daughter had come home positive from her college. Now the whole family is quarantined for Thanksgiving and family members who were flying in, will not.'s looking like 3-4 of us here. If my daughter visits, 4. That's starting to look iffy too. Well, I'd be disappointed for sure but I'm still cooking. AND I've begun my holiday decorating early. If you've followed this journal over the years you know I begin the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is late this year. And let's face it, what the hell else do we have to look forward to during Covid that is safe. I can decorate my home to the eves and I won't catch anything. Plus, this year I have two trees to put up.

I think I'm going to put the old one up in the dining room this afternoon. I ordered a new CD of the Messiah...Eugene Ormandy, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The reviews say it's one of the definitive recordings of this work. I do love that lush sound of the Philadelphia Orchestra too. And that choir? Phenomenal! But it doesn't arrive until tomorrow. I also ordered the copy of Mannheim Steamroller that has that ethereal arrangement of Silent Night. Where it disappeared to...I haven't a clue. I just wish my surround sound system was hooked up to enjoy both fully.

Still, I have lots of other favorites I can play this afternoon. It will be good. (Later....I changed my mind, I'm doing it tomorrow.)

I've had one text session already and I'm hoping for more Virtual, phone or another text play times today and tomorrow. It is slowing down...everyone is doing this now, the holidays are approaching and it's my opinion that a lot of folks have just HAD it.

Hang in there folks! There is promising news about the release of vaccines and their high efficacy! We'll get through this yet. Next year this time I'm thinking life will be more normal.

With all that said, I can't think of a better or safer way to relieve stress then an orgasm. Virtually! Works for me also.

Thankfully, all that aggravation and anxiety that was trying to creep in yesterday is gone. After the grocery store I stopped at Lowe's Garden Center. Now I'm double masking, having been informed the single surgical mask was almost useless. While I'm not convinced I just pop two on now. And stay home more.

I bought a topiary tree for the front of my garage. A bowl arrangement of red poinsettias and ivy for my patio table and two small poinsettia's for the little planter that sits next to my front door. Across from Trevor, my dog. He'll be sporting a big bow soon.

Diamond Jim said he is updating tonight after work. I know he's doing the longer video and hopefully the shorter squiring one that we filmed last Friday. His wife is an invalid and his time is precious. Between caring for her and work he's a busy guy so I do appreciate his doing this for US. Yes, us.

Yesterday's mood just was not conducive to film however. It would have felt forced and I like filming when I feel like having fun. My videographer agreed. BUT I do have some hot photos. The social media updates are already up.

Not much else is new. We're all getting excited for the holidays here in the resort. Most everyone is very safety conscious to stay healthy but we'll have small social gatherings....outside our homes.

Life is still good. I put two feet on the ground this morning when I awakened! These days that's a very happy thing!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...the new Secrets in Lace Catalog for the Holidays is out. I LOVE the new Lana Emerald Green daywear. Cabaret Plunge bra 38ddd, the Lana emerald green garter belt...XL and the Lana emerald green lace trimmed thong. XL Hint, hint. I've gotten obsessed with that color. I'm going to look for a sexy dress to wear over the top of all that deliciousness! Today however, you see me in red. With red and black lingerie underneath. Look at the xxx member section for the naughtier ones.

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