The Day After * Learning Patience in the USA * Pics of course!

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's been just lovely the last two days here. Cooler, dry and breezy. The air hasn't even been on. And that is how it will start to be mostly until next May. Oh...we'll have warm spells from time to time but going forward is the great weather in Florida. Why so many moved here.

I've been filming the last three days. Just little short ones that my friend has been helping me with. It makes a major difference in the quality and the creativity of the product when someone else is holding the camera. I'm deeply grateful. Soon, we'll be filming short solos for my clip store and very short one for here. The good news is the Iphone 11 is fixed.

Twitter is a huge driver for business but it comes at a price. Unscrupulous folks steal my photos there and use them to scam guys. It seems.. all over the world. It makes me ill. And angry.

If you didn't know this...right click any any photo and look toward the bottom for search Google for image. Where it came from shows up. There's really no reason why anyone should send money to some "person" in a dating site profile without doing that first.

One gentleman wrote, telling me he was heartbroken because he had fallen in love with this scammer using my photos. What could I say but sorry it happened? We've reported them when they are found out but it happens all the time. To all of us with nice pics. Yes, you can copyright but you'd spend your life chasing people to prosecute them. I don't have the inclination nor the time.

I figure.....karma will take care of it in the end. Not my job.

Like you, I'm waiting to see who wins. But I've decided whether it's my person or not, my life is going to be focused on me, one day at a time. There is not a whole lot I can do to change the outcome. I think the politicians are all corrupt and until we enact term limits and how campaigns are funded nothing is going to change.

Like you, I just want to work hard, be rewarded, pay my bills, live comfortably and have a nice life when I'm an old lady with friends and family around me.

NO laughing....I'm an older lady now....I'm not ready to be OLD yet!

Enjoy the pics...I've had a lot of fun doing them.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke KNOW what to do if you need an Anneke Fixxx virtually. Pick up the phone!

This weeks shoots are the Sneak Peek Series. Monday - Friday. Weekend Off.

Monday Shoot

Back to Business

Tuesday's Shoot Red Bodycon Dress

Today Clubwear

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