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Thanksgiving was super! Pics of course

Hello My Sexy Friends,

Thanksgiving was a two day delight this year. I was invited to my neighbors for a Wednesday dinner and party. Great fun and I caught up with old acquaintences and made some new friends.

Thursday my friend from London and I had Thanksgiving dinner at Ruth's Christ on Westshore in Tampa. I may never prepare another holiday meal again. JK. It was a fantastic experience, well prepared, perfect portions and they sent us home with a goody bag of leftovers. Enough for a lunch or a little dinner the next day. They are open 7 days a week for dinner but have special extra hours on the holidays. Loved it!

Friday and Saturday I was up to my eyeballs in Christmas decorations and getting them up. Am I complaining? Oh, no, I love it.

I organized myself much better this year so I was done in two days. Today is cleaning up the mess is always leaves behind. Bits of glitter, fake snow, etc.

I know I've mentioned before that I have a routine. Well, I changed it up this year and did things in a different order and then put that box away as soon as I was done with what I needed.

I also have a particular play list. I have so enjoyed Amazon music's Christmas selections with their variety but I hit the jackpot when I found Robert Shaw and The Atlanta Chorus and Orchestra performing the Christmas part of the Messiah on YouTube. One of my musts to listen to as I do the trees. Absolutely stellar if you love the Messiah and have never heard that recording.

But before I tidy up I'm fixing me up for the Monday update on social media and the naughty version for OnlyFans. Plus I'm filming something solo and special in addition.

Then my neighbor is coming over for cocktails at 4:30ish.

I'm hoping to film a couple of more times this week. Big Boy from the UK is back and the Delivery Guy returns during the weekend. I hope. It's a busy time of year for everyone but new content still needs to be uploaded. I don't want to disappoint my boys. is staying up at it's all time high as Twitter is still around. I have a hope that it will stay that way. I heard that his new content board is meeting. I can only hope they will end their discrimination against sex workers. Most of their tweets are tasteful. and articulate. Sometimes cute and funny.

I can't say the same for others. I'm often shocked at what some post there and seemingly get away with it. I often shake my head at the pics guys send me of their erect selves in a public forum.. I tell them I know what a penis looks like and block them. As a SW it jeopardizes me to have explicit content on Twitter.

Only Fans....that's a different story. It's a private subscription site and I know what my fans want. Explicit, but classy and often times raunchy photos. But it's not for the world. I actually encourage them to send me pics. And boy, do they!

So....time to get to work and then relax with a gal pal.

Cum see me over the holidays. You can give yourself a holiday gift.....ME! Just remember, 24 hour notice and screening is a must loves.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriendm Goddess and GILF,


Cheeky in Chartreuse

Heading out for Errands

Preparing brussel sprouts for the Wednesday get together.

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