Thankful in Many Ways * Great Weekend! * Pics of course.

Hello My Friends,

I hope your Thanksgiving was safe and all you desired. It certainly was a different one this year but I'm thankful I and my friends are around to even enjoy the updated version for 2020.

Our weather was perfect and so was the meal. Usually at least one dish is a flop or a disappointment. I tried new versions of old favorites this year and loved them all.

I'm not a huge sweet potato casserole fan but this year's version topped the charts. Fresh sweet potatoes mashed with eggs, brown sugar, cream, butter and nutmeg. Topped with a thick, decadent layer of more brown sugar, butter, flour and whole pecans. It was like having pecan pie without the pie crust. We had the pumpkin pie for that. Of course, that in itself blew the Keto diet out of the water but Keto was not allowed on Thanksgiving day.

Top that with dear friends and it couldn't have been more perfect!

Yesterday was a day off from filming and if you asked me what I did with the day...a short walk...hip not liking it after a day on my feet the day before. So I shortened the walk and did a long yoga session instead. I could hear and feel joints adjusting with the stretches. My body was out of alignment. It helped immensely!

Yesterday the creative bug bit and my design aesthetic kicked in. Alexx had said in his morning post that it would be one of those days and it was so true. I removed the cowhide rug from under the dining table. Much better.

I have a very thick pile carpet in the living room and down the long hallway. Those cow hide rugs bunch right up on it. I realized the zebra rug had to be removed too. But that was enough lugging and lifting. Both dining and coffee tables are heavy and have heavy glass tops.

I saved the zebra rug for today after lots of email, YouTube responses and lunch. The coffee table is cast iron. The glass top is heavy too. So I removed both and shook out the zebra rug. It' is now in my master bedroom at the foot of the black leather chrome four poster bed. The carpet in there is a short pile so the rug stays put and it looks fabulous!

But that living and dining area is now a sea of beige carpet. Beige is back in decorating by the way. Replacing the gray that was so popular for a long time. Along with cream, ivory and white.

The decor bug was still biting me today so I ordered a beautiful oriental rug for that room. Mostly beige and ivory with little sparks of blue throughout. It will break up all the beige. It arrives a week from Sunday. Can't wait.

I think I've mentioned before that those Amazon gift cards you and others send are such a blessing. Not only do I use them for groceries and everyday sundries but I've purchased many items for this new apartment. Things that filled in the few gaps, serve an important function and bring an extra pizzazz to my home. And I do like pizzazz and bling as you know.

Today I had a Face Time session with a young London cutie who is absolutely adorable. He's one that is an exception to some of the entitlement you see with his generation. Smart, polite and funny. And sexy fun!

The new vid on continues to do well. We'll upload a new one next weekend and you can expect to see new content every two weeks. Diamond Jim says it works better that way. I believe him. This upcoming week we'll film a new one to put in the pipeline.

I've been having fun this afternoon downloading the little minivids that Iphone puts together of the photos I take. They really are good and have their own soundtrack. I'm going to include one of them in the xxx member section today to see how you like it. I used a tamer version on my Twitter feed of me in that killer red dress.

Last night my gorgeous neighbor came over for cocktails. Like the rest of us she follows safe practices. I need the socialization and I'm very blessed that I have friends and neighbors right in my community who are observing them too. She is a lovely woman and so classy and intelligent. We got to know each other better years ago in 2011 when we were both on the nude cruise I took. It feels great renewing our friendship and she's only across the courtyard. After, my Thanksgiving dinner friends stopped in too. It was a gab fest that we could be comfortable about.

As she and I were chatting toward the end of the evening about how lucky we are to live in here it occurred to me that this place is one of those that is in a special vortex of energy and love. We're blessed to be here.

I'd love to have more naughtiness to share with you but outside of my sessions and my own personal fun with my toys, life is pretty tame these days for me. Of course, that may be pretty wild for many.

I'm enjoying filming for my clip store after we do the social media updates. It gives me a chance to be naked and naughtier on cam for my boys. I just finished a Fetish cam session. It's been an even better day!

Life is good

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and Gilf,


Ps...The Emerald green dress and shoes arrived. Dynamite and I can't wait to wear them for you. I'll shoot in them closer to Christmas.

After Wednesday's update.

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