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Technology Week! Pics

Hi My Naughty Friends,

I know..I sailed right past the Wednesday update. Between navigating the new updates to my iPhone and buying a new computer this week my head has been spinning. Although I'm trying hard to get some walks and yoga in.

It's starting to cool off a tad in the mornings but the humidity is still high. It's amazing how a couple of degrees cooler and a little breeze can help!

I had an older Lenova computer with Windows 7. Believe it or not it was recommended when I bought it up in Albany. But very soon, it will no longer be supported.

A very dear friend was coming to visit this past week and he said he was feeling generous so on the way back from Tampa International we detoured to Best Buy. I wanted a faster laptop with more memory and a bigger screen. We found one for a decent price and went home to get my old computer. That was Tuesday late afternoon. I just got the new computer this Saturday morning. After 5 trips to the store I finally brought it home today. (yesterday actually)

The old days of the quick turn around for transferring data to a new computer are over. Like every other business since the pandemic they do not have enough help. Now you have to make an appointment and stand in line to talk to someone for your appointment. You see it everywhere.

So some things just couldn't get done well this week. Skype for instance as Microsoft gave me an impossible time trying to log in on my phone. I lost biz for sure and when I dropped it off Tuesday I commented that I run my business from my computer. I honestly think they did the best the could with the amount of help they had. We are desperate for handymen here in my community as everywhere else.

It's Sunday now as I'm finishing this and I had to call the Geek Squad as I was having problems connecting to the internet with the new computer and needed some other help. An hour plus wait on the phone...but a very polite and helpful guy. Problems solved.

Daily I get emails offering employment to me from all kinds of businesses. And no, I don't want to work for Amazon or be on my feet 8 hours a day. I'd much rather be on my back.

I am VERY thankful I'm where I am right now.

Last Saturday I have an outcall to Clearwater Beach and NO one in the hotel, beside me and the help were wearing a mask. It was jammed and getting on the elevator was a nightmare. No masks...people were drunk and I was upset. I waited the recommended length of time and got tested for Covid. Negative but NO more outcall until things calm down in Florida. Although with this governor it's highly unlikely.

My home is clean and safe and I'm healthy and I want it to stay that way!

I've had some hot cam sessions this week. Lots of fun. But outside of that and having a cocktail with my next door neighbors who are just as careful I'm not doing much of anything. If you are fully vaccinated and healthy let's meet. If not....we'll cam, chat or text. I want to celebrate my birthday above ground next year.

I have a new video waiting in the wings...stay tuned. And a major, major porn site has approached this #GILF to film. I don't want to jinx it so I'll let you know if it comes to fruition.

Life is good! But I'll sure be happy when Covid takes a hike. Please get your vaccine if you have not. If not for yourself, for those around you.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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