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Hello My Friends,

It's a glorious morning here. Only 70 upon awakening and a lovely breeze. This is the coolest it's been since before I left for Albany in June. I actually opened the window in my playroom to let in the fresh air while writing this.

We spend most of the year in air conditioning. Winter, is usually when you can occasionally turn off the air and open the doors and windows. Even at night.

I'm not complaining. I'd much rather see year round flowers and no snow, although I do miss fall in the Northeast and tulips in the spring when I'm back in Florida.

I have hibiscus blooming on my patio and ferns are thriving. The pots of flowers planted for the pollinators are blooming madly!

Except for a few nights in Jan/Feb we're free from the chance of freezing. Then you just cover things or bring them in.

I had a flurry of activity on Sunday, thankfully, but it's quieted down again. Although I did have a VERY hot session with my new Norwegian friend. Why it's slow... I'm not quite sure why. I have had requests for in person adventures but it's always someone I've not met who didn't read my ads. I have posted that requirement at this time.

So the universe will bring who it should. I do know one truth about myself. I'm not a patient person. I don't think any Leo is. But I'm learning, in this pandemic that every aspect of life is very different. We've all had to re-adjust how we live and how to move in Covid-time. However, I'l be honest and admit there are days when I'm sick of it. We all are.

I have to list again what I do have and am grateful for. I reconnect to a thankful state and to peace. Some days it takes more meditation and work then others!

I am most grateful I've had some success with my tech problems. Finally last evening, I was able to get Gmail on my new phone and upload all my photos from it to my computer via Dropbox while my phone was backing up last night. And I mean ALL my photos. There's going to be a lot of deleting of the 10 the Iphone takes of one shot at times. Normally I chose one and then just send that onward. I'll have to be careful to clean those up when I take them. I take lots of photos each update to find the best ones to share. Going to need to edit out the extras.

The xxx membership page is fixed and my webmistress added in some of what was there but I'll have to go back in and add more. Still....that's a relief. I'm sorry for the down time.

I still cannot send photos from my new phone right to my laptop. On any email. I know a long wait on the phone for an apple technician is in my future soon. ACK!!! I am NOT going to the store at the International Mall!

What else is new? I'm quitting my gym. It's the no mask policy. I go, sit on the recumbent bike, with MY mask on and watch everyone on all the other equipment breathing out into the room. There's no way the ventilation system in that place is going to get rid of particles of Covid from someone asymptomatic or unknowingly infected. Since the mornings are cooler...I'm walking and I hauled out my free weights and bands again. I'm just going to have to work out from home. And that's ok! I won't be concerned as I was at the gym. Stupid and dangerous policies but that's Florida. I won't get on a rant about that.

Let's do some Skype or Face Time. I'm needing a little sumpthin', sumpthin' too. Plus it's so great to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones! A little socialization and naughtiness in the day does us all good! Any support or encouragement you can send is greatly appreciated my friends!

And life is.......good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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