Super Flower Blood Full Moon Tonight

Hello My Friends,

It was 72 when I arose this morning after the second night of awful dreams. But our friend above is usually the cause of that. I stepped outside last night around 11 and there was Luna shining. Rays all around her. That's because I had laser eye surgery yesterday morning and a follow up for the same from last week. All the drops in my eyes and the dilation I guess.

Real or not it was quite a sight. Nothing is wrong. I had cataract surgery in 2016 and typically a few years after the replacement lenses cloud. A simple few zaps of the laser clears that off.

It's kind of amusing because on this particular day at St. Luke's, cataract and eye specialists, the waiting room is full of people, mostly older, all awaiting the same treatment. You don't feel a thing and you can drive yourself after, albeit the light is a little strange. It's run like a well oiled clock.

So if YOU have to do! Piece of cake.

It's been a fairly busy week for a variety of reasons. Cocktails with friends, trips to my Tampa chiropractor, (maintenance) and virtual, phone and text sessions. Of course, the twice weekly videos for social media and this Friday "Jason" and I will film a sequel to "Nine Minutes in Heaven." It has sold well and I've headed up another 500+ in the Clips4Sale rankings. Nothing like new content boy/girl to spike the numbers! I've been keeping track of the sales and they are higher then previous. It will be a good month.

I had a retail therapy session Saturday. First was to the consignment shop for an armoire for the playroom to house some of my equipment but mostly my organizational and office records. Yes, it's a presence in the room but the doors look like something in a medieval castle, even the pulls. Totally compliments the Fetish Playroom. Then on to lunch at Wiregrass, an outdoor mall, and then a little wardrobe enhancement at Apricot Lane. Two really cool gals run it. You'll see the outfit below.

I don't have a designated office only room so the armoire works fabulously. And I'm finding that the older I get the more I have the desire to be super organized. Believe me when I say that was not the old me. Now, I'm bordering on out of control. lol

So........things are good! I'm still awaiting Aldo's finished proofs but he is in the middle of selling his Florida home and moving. I think we've formed a friendship so I invited he and his wife to come visit if they miss Florida. His main photo studio is in Northern NJ. If they can handle the naked people walking around. Actually they ought to be used to it with all the beautiful women he shoots.

Not much else new. My sister will be heading south in July. She's awaiting the closing on her Kingston NY home. She'll stay with me until they find a rental. They want to wait a year. (Don't worry, they get lost when I entertain. My family gets it.) But with housing prices going through the roof they might question that. Still they are not sure where in Florida they want to live.

My son is coming down too eventually so it will be nice to have some family in Florida.

Remember, even though I am no longer touring you can always Fly Me To You. Or, YOU can fly to me....I'll even pick you up at the airport and transport you to wherever you prefer to meet. My incall or your upscale hotel. Either way.....we'll have a very naughty and fun time.

Here's to that thought....every day. Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Last Thursday...fetish wear, sort of.

Channeling the sixties/seventies.

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