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Sunless Florida Today * Pics

Hello My Friends,

It's rare but today has been almost 100% overcast. I'm sure there are not too many suntanning at the resort but they are probably in the conversation pool or the playrooms. You don't need sun to f***.

Yep, that's what is happening there now. I decided the get over myself about the in your face naughtiness and just enjoy the rest. And I have. It would be a little hypocritical on my part to do otherwise. I just think it ought to be more discreet. There are play spaces, hotel rooms and a roof top deck to get it on. They can also play in the conversation pool but are supposed to refrain around the pool or in the pool. They get it on there too despite the rules.

I had some playmates this week. One a new friend and the other a candidate for filming. I met both Tuesday.

What was so cute is the potential filming partner and I agreed to meet for coffee first. He was gorgeous and very smart. Savvy. I was hugely attracted but stayed cool. As we were leaving he asked if he could sample some of my kisses. We opted for his vehicle, parked in a more discreet spot. And the sparks flew but nothing more. Reread paragraph two. lol We agreed to meet Friday afternoon for a "tryout" as he had never filmed before.

But before we get to that, Thursday was a trip to the orthopedic surgeon with my Sis and her hubby for her pre-op appointment. Rita, the fabulous nurse who has given me steroid shots in my shoulder in the past was our instructress in what was going to happen. She went over all the x-rays and explained in detail exactly what they would be doing. She's having a reverse shoulder replacement. Really amazing what they do now. They are coming down Sunday late afternoon to have dinner and spend the night. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am. So we must be first or close to first on his schedule. After recovery, they are heading back to Ocala and I will go up next weekend to help. Sooner, if he can't handle the after care. I know I will be up there the 6th-9th or 10th.

So back to Friday. You know, sometimes you connect and it's so much fun and sometimes it's a "blow the top of your head off" experience. It was the latter and he's talking about Date 2. I don't know if we'll ever get to filming. lol

It's a very low energy day so I'm skipping the weights. I made Black Bean chili and I'm just going to cool it tonight. The allergies are still lingering on.

I was supposed to film with "the boy next door" this week and after the third cancellation I've given him up. Although Myla and I are filming Tuesday with my old videographer, who has agreed to help me with Tik Tok and Instagram. The other guy and I have parted ways. That's all I'm saying about that.

YouTube seems to love my mixing up cocktails series on Thursdays. The upcoming week it will be Black and White Russians. I have the vodka, I just need the coffee liquer/kahlua and heavy cream. It's not something I drink but I asked them for their favorites and this was one request.

Thursday's Mojito shoot turned out fabulous. So did the drink. If you haven't seen my YouTube page just do a search for Anneke Van Buren or follow the link from my website.

The new website is coming along slowly. But it will be fabulous when it's done!

Here's a few pics. Time for PBS Newshour Weekend!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF


Monday's Update

Thurday's Mojito Update

It was a GREEN week!

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