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Hello Peeps, A beautiful day here in Albany, NY.  The temp is 85, 42%, humidity.  My eyes popped open at 5:39 am and although I tried, I could not go back to sleep. I gave up, got up and made a pot of coffee.  I pittered around on my laptop and took a walk while it was still in the 70's.  Lovely. Furniture is finally going out the door and I've been busy with Skype and Face  Time.  Phone and Text chats. It's been good.  One thing I started to notice is that this website is having some problems.  I have a contact manager system that enables me to change content and most of what I need to do.  My problem has been my webmistress disappeared several months ago so those changes she needs to make could no longer be done. Websites also need to be https now instead of http.  Secure.  The web designer needs to change that.  Hosting is paid through her in February each year.  Invoiced.  No invoice this year, no changes that needed to be made were going to get done, no ability to link to YouTube for monitization,  so it's time to build a new one. I wanted to get this update out to you while this was still working.  If you see the site is down, don't worry, we're already working on a new one.  It will be different, with an emphasis on virtual, phone and text with subtle references to in person meetings in the future.  I'm going to begin to be more UTR.  Under the radar. I will also be able to add videos there and down the road, monitize it.  It will be a work in progress. The most important aspect is that it will work and it will be current.  So....stay tuned! And YES,,,the journal/blog will continue!  I love writing this journal! If you need an Anneke Virtual, phone or text fixxx.....let's do it!  Great fun and so easy to arrange.  The pics are from a Closet raid yesterday.  In case you wonder I almost always take a few extra naughty ones if you are interested.  20 private xxx rated pics for $50.  They have not been here or on Twitter.  Life is good! Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF, Anneke Pink Lace and Chiffon Closet Raid

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