Spring is Here! * And Back in the Saddle * PIcs

Hello My Naughty Friends,

That cold front that's plagued the rest of the US and is heading east dipped down into Florida the last two days. It was 50 this morning and I had to cover my orchids and some fledgling bulbs that are just starting to appear. Earlier in the week it was hot, windy and dry. I had to water every single day.

Thursday I took my neighbor across the courtyard to her Doctor's. She'd fallen and broken her shoulder the week before. Then back to film for social media and then my FIRST in person adventure since last September. I had two then when I returned from up north and then went back into hiatus. It was too scary.

So he was one of those two. He works in a related health care field so he is constantly tested. I was seriously wondering how all my parts were gonna work. Especially my recently sprained back that recovered nicely but still I was concerned. He's a powerful guy who loves thrusting hard for long periods of time. I'm happy to say we had a great time! I had several wet O's and my back held up fine. Although I'm a little sore in my inner thighs. We use muscles in sex that we don't use for anything else. I'm hoping it will build up my glutes and I'll have a curvier butt again. LOL

I'm continuing to be busier virtually and the clip store is still selling every day. It seems life is returning to our "new" normal.

I'm still frustrated with my website that I had built last summer. I HATE Wix and it didn't help that my webmistress quit the business over night. So...reality check time. I think the best decision is to build a new, upscale, fresh looking site that I can manage myself. Simply.

There is a gal who does web design and I've already worked with her on advertising banners for Twitter. She's classy and creative. She's agreed to take a look at what she can do for me.

Wix is a nightmare and their hosting fees are monthly and outrageous. I got what I paid for when I hired her to build it. Lesson learned.

So, if any of you would like to contribute toward the "Anneke's New Website/New Photo Shoot" fund it would be most appreciated. I do have the stimulus check coming but I'd like to stick it aside mostly for savings. You may use any of the means of payment listed under Virtual Services here. IF you do, I'll deduct that amount for our next session. An Amazon gift card won't help however for this.

I'm going to do a little Spring Ritual this evening. In pagan times past, the calendar year began on the Spring Solstice. The earth budding forth and change. Seems appropriate to me.

Life is good.

Your Happily Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Thursday denim, leopard, sky high booties.

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