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Sometimes I Think I'm Superwoman! * Pics

Hello my sexy friends,

For the last two days I've been a regular Martha Stewart. Shampooing the carpets in my condo and moving the furniture to do it.

And I'm on this kick to make my exercise more consistent. So I walked Friday, moved furniture, shampooed the carpets, walked yesterday, lifted weights, shampooed more carpet.

Last night I could not move. Muscle spasms all night long, pain, more pain and there was no sleeping. I forget...I'm not a kid any more and my body let me know it.

I crawled out out bed and staggered to the couch. There was so much pain I was nauseous. But I got down on the floor and did yoga, then iced, then took some Tylenol. Thankfully the pain is less but boy am I sore. So the furniture is going to sit where it is. I'm going to my chiropractor in the morning.

Moderation in everything is a wise saying. I sure overdid it!

Hopefully I feel limber enough to film tomorrow evening with Myla. It's been too long. And I'm horny as hell! This latest hormone pellet is REALLY working! I find I have to take care of business every day if I don't have someone to share it with. Let's cam or meet! It will be wild.

I'm keeping this one short and you'll find some of the weeks photo updates below. I hope you enjoy them.

Life is still good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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