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Sizzling Day and I Didn't Forget the Update! Pics

Hello My Naughty Friends,

Lovelie here in Florida but I had a lot going on so I did not get my morning walk in. I had a "liason" in person at noon. Totally mature hottie and then two virtual sessions.

It sounds like that wouldn't take much time but I have to prepare my incall as well as myself. I don't think there's a greater turn off then walking into a provider's home and finding it to be a pigstyle. Or smelling like cats.

My bedding is fresh, the place is immaculate, the mood lighting and candles are staged and music is in the background. Of course I'm all dolled up in my best effort to look spectacular. If you want an adult beverage it's always available but I'm finding most gents these days don't want anything to impair their abilities. Or driving home after.

When my Sis was here with her dog and cat I had to walk the diva dog when they were house hunting. She still messed on my carpets. Yuk! So only two legged pets for me that go home after the fun is over. I've been single so long now that I like it that way. Let's play and then say Adios Amigo.

I had cocktails with my neighbors Monday night...everyone vaccinated, two of us tested after the neighborhood outbreak and my hotel freak out. Plus, we all set far apart........just in case. I skipped Keto for a night and had pizza and home made chocolate chip cookies. It's amazing how good they taste when you never have them. LOL

I'm back to weight training after a two month respite with left shoulder problems. Arthritis from a fall 20 years ago and slight tear in the rotator cuff and labrum. A steroid injection then and lots of home rehab and another shot yesterday and I'm feeling much better. NO surgery in the forecast. Thankfully the rehab exercises kept the muscle tone in my arms. But I'm ready to resume resistance training. It brings a better sense of well being even then cardio.

Yoga is tops for feeling good in my experience and that I've never stopped. I've been practicing since 1996. Even when my hip was so bad. I would recommend it for every one. Male, female, young and old. One needs to keep their flexibility and it's so easy to lose it as we age or we are sedentary at the computer and our jobs. It's also another form of strength and core training also. Something everyone should do especially over fifty as we start to loose muscle mass.

And then lots of great sex and fabulous orgasms. It all helps to keep you younger!

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty #Girlfriend, #Goddess and #GILF,


Monday's Social Media Shoot

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