SEXY AT EVERY AGE! I need models for * Pics

Hello Boys,

Hot and humid now every day. It will be like this until November. That's why we have air conditioning, thank the heavens.

The new owners of our resort have taken charge and are putting their plans for the future out there. The first thing they did was try to open the big outdoor bar. Not so fast. All the lines needed to be reinstalled for beverages and a deep cleaning was necessary. It's now open for Happy hour from 5-7.

I haven't decided about joining because they've raised the membership rates. If you are a resident you get a whole $50 off the yearly membership if you are single. And they are not renewing AANR. The american association of nudist resorts because I hear it's heading in more of a swinger direction.

At first I was upset but as I pondered this...our biggest competitor now charges $3000 a year for a single male membership. Our rate is $1000. The single female is the same...unheard of in swinger circles. It's always less for the women because they don't cause problems as some of the single men do. And many couples are looking for the bisexual female.

However...this just might mean MORE single men might join here. I'm hopeful. And I'm also hoping I might be able to find guys who have filmed or who are filming worthy.

I receive emails constantly from young men with no experience who want to become porn stars. Just because they have a penis they think that qualifies them. They also think because they want to do it that makes it so. Sorry, boys but there's a whole lot more to it then that.

Experience, good physique, reliable, well groomed and the ability to stay hard and cum on demand all matter. Photogenic helps too. And while I'm an older woman on camera most of my fans/viewers do not want to see me with an older out of shape guy. For once the double standard is on the other foot.

So....if you think you're porn material....eme with pics, naked of course and your stats and past experience. You must complete a model release form with ID. My criteria is over 21....not 18. Younger, fit and well endowed. NO facial hair. Be able to complete an articulate sentence and be a gentleman. And remember, I call the shots in a shoot.

Enough of that. I've been busy! The porn shoot went exceptionally well with Will Bang 4 and Marvella Saturday but half of the content is missing. The important half. He's trying to rectify that now. ARGH! It turned into a sexy fetish threesome.

Final work is being done on the new I have all of Aldo's finished photos and they are very nice. It's all a kind of waiting game at this point.

One on one sessions are picking up and thankfully nice guys are calling. Cam and text are still popular and I think they are here to stay.

There are a couple of possibilities in the works but I'll share more when I can confirm. I'm excited about the possibilities that lie ahead but living in the now and enjoying each day as it presents itself. You can't change the past and you sure can't order the future. All we can do is create what we want with our intentions and believe it will be so.

Things are good for me and so is LIFE!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


My naughty partners in crime...Saturday.

Monday's Update

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