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Saturday slipped into Sunday * Pics

Hello My Friends,

I had every intention to update this journal/blog yesterday. Somehow...I forgot doing other things. Someone wanted to Skype and my across the courtyard neighbor came over for cocktails.

It was a good week. The photo shoot with Aldo preoccupied me actually. But the setting worked out well and he sent the proofs yesterday. My very first shoot was in the fall of 2003. I remember feeling the same way then as I do when I open every set of proofs. "Oh....God....I look....."and then the list pops up in my head. But after a few run throughs and experience I know we'll come up with at least 15 good shots. But the older I get the more work he has to do.

And it's the weirdest thing. The iPhone cameras make you look fabulous. I do not edit my selfies here except for the lighting. Everything else is just the way I am. There's a difference with a professional shoot. I look heavier, older and sometimes it's discouraging after all the hard work of getting in shape, choosing the perfect wardrobe and getting the hair and makeup just right.

If it were free it might cushion the reality check! But it's not. It's a lot of money when you combine their fee, the wardrobe and in this last shoot the rental of the B and B. But it is a business investment and it's a write off. Thankfully!

Still it's exciting doing them and you feel so glamorous and terrific. This was no exception.

I had a fun dinner date/overnight Friday and we had a great time. It was personal and it's lovely to have an evening of companionship AND great, wild sex! That's all I'm saying.

If you're a Tampanian and haven't been to Sacred Pepper in Carrolwood yet....go! Make reservations in advance. The place is packed and there is great live music. Great energy, great food and service!

I worked with the new content producer last Sunday and the new copies are in my hands today. VERY pleased. The shoot that was scheduled today had to be cancelled as the model said he had congestion and a scratchy throat. We'll reschedule Thursday if he's fit to work.

My new to me golf cart and fireplace arrived yesterday. Made possible by my sweet friend K who loves to serve. I took my first jaunt this morning, early, with my tea in a cart cup holder. It was great and I'm thrilled my sister didn't need two. I've named her Lola 2. If you don't know golf carts are a big ticket item now, even used. This was a huge deal to me. Thanks Sis and brother in law!

I LOVE the fireplaces. Yes, there are two. The bigger one in the living room. TV on top and the small one will go in my master bedroom. You can have them on without heat for a little romance or heat in the winter on chilly days. So cool!

So aside from doing filming and photos today I'm decorating. Yep, it's a happy day for me when I get do interior design! When I was a teenager I expressed a desire to make it my living. The family pooh poohed it saying everyone was in the biz. That wasn't true but in those days you did what your family said. Obviously I went on to other things but the urge to decorate something is always there. I did attend a class at the Connecticut School of Redesign in 2010. The teacher said I had a "good eye for design."

Lots of new naughty stuff at and if you need an Anneke Fixxx! Lots of other options at

Thank you for following my antics here at the Journal! Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF.


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