Saturday Excitement In The Time of Covid! Pic

Hello My Naughty Boys.

I are expecting some titillating tale. Sorry to say, the most exciting thing to happen the new landscaping in our courtyard. It's in the 80's this morning and humid but I know these guys are used to it.

Although. one of the guys is VERY cute. No, not the one in the pic. Thankfully you can't really see his face.

As usual it's not without pitfalls. They've found very wet ground, the result of the sprinklers being on everyday, instead of twice a week and some of the old sprinkler lines are right where they want to put the foxtail palms. It's in front of one of my patios, They may have to redo that line.

And that's the excitement. That and my gal friend from the old apartment building coming over for cocktails. Maybe you and I can have a little virtual adventure this afternoon or later this evening.

Since I schedule one on one adventures a week in advance, it will be next week now before I can do so. My Friday strap on session disappeared. I get being nervous but you still can say.."I can't make it" instead of nothing. It's called courtesy. Somethings never change in this business.

He won't get a second chance, I've found when you do the same behavior occurs. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...shame on ME. Experience is a great teacher!

My new spanking bench/play ottoman arrived yesterday. All I need to finish the playroom is to bolt the cross and the big French mirror to the wall. Professional handyman for this as a I need a brace support under the mirror to hold the weight.

I'm not going to paint this playroom but I am going to run red light ropes around the room. With the white lights off....the effect I want to achieve will be awesome! This isn't the GFE playroom. I have another for that experience!

Twitter went to 160.2 K this morning. Amazing and thank you if you are following. The clip store is doing better too. Hopefully, when covid gets better I'll film more for this.

Honestly, I'd prefer only virtual until this is over but if you KNOW you are virus free and reserve in advance I'll feel safe seeing you. I'd be happy to get a Covid test for you.

No matter what we decide now is not the time to end social distancing and stop wearing masks. This thing is around for at least another year. Please be safe. You can be assured I am!

Despite all this turmoil, life is good/


Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Pics from Yesterday's Update!

Here's a tiny smile. No, my hair isn't gray,,,had a lamp with a purple light bulb on next to me.

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