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Retail Therapy Via Amazon * Pics

Hello My Friends,

It's been a hot, humid and hectic past week. VERY hot now and I can forget about walking in the morning when it's already in 80% humidity. That combo doesn't work with asthma.

We, (Sis, hubby and I) had a fun weekend at our resort pool. Yes, they are also nudists but not swingers. True for many here. Very relaxing and I added a bit of natural tan to the spray on variety I do instead. I'm over the days of frying in the sun all day long. So we line up chairs that have an umbrella, slather on the 70 and just get a few rays when we hop in the pool.

This past weekend younger single men were visiting. Haven't seen them in quite some time but as the new ownership of the resort is bringing good reviews folks are coming back and new ones are having a look see.

One cute young fellow was sitting opposite Sis and I and it was obvious he was new to the scene and having a difficult time staying........relaxed. But he still didn't mind lying there with his legs apart. It was our own personal pool show. We had a little chuckle.

I had purchased a day pass Saturday, intending to go to the club that tonight until one of the staff revealed they had not been vaccinated. I don't mind going to the outdoor activities. However, I'll skip the indoor ones until after the Delta virus stops spreading in Florida. It's doubling each week and it seems everyone has their head in the sand trying to ignore that it is. I'm keeping my mask on in public indoors and only hanging with folks I KNOW are vaccinated. I'm certainly not going to a night club right now.

I had a really hot day yesterday with a new friend for a steamy fetish session. It was a multiple hour adventure so I offered to pick him up at his hotel and bring him home. I almost fell out of my car when he walked up in black vinyl pants and a black satin top. He said he got a few "looks" in the hotel elevator. I bet!

Very handsome, bearing flowers and his favorite Scotch, which he left behind. Much as it used to be in the days when I first entered this profession. I confess, I enjoyed that and it made me feel extra special that he had taken the time to bring something extra along with the tribute. None of us want to be just another encounter. On either side of this.

I got to bed late, uncommonly tired and awakened this morning, feeling yukky. My sis had experienced that a couple of days ago. She and her hubby went out to shop for their new rental home, (taking possesion this Friday) and they came back early...he feeling crummy.

All three of us went to our rooms and took naps....having home made chicken soup and bland food tonight. Ginger ale helps. We kind of agree we must have picked up a stomach virus somewhere. So....I took the day off.

One fellow, who wanted a cam session was very put out that I couldn't accommodate him. He was all "blocked" up. I sent him a very naughty pic and said, "I'm not up to my best, sorry." Hopefully, he took care of it himself.

So...Friday is moving day. I have a hair salon appt in the a. m. and then I'm heading up to their new place to help them unpack. The movers from up north are arriving with the stuff they put in storage up there.

She's help unpack me numerous times. It's my turn to help!!

Saturday I have another adventure and Sunday I have an all afternoon shoot with my old friend from I've been putting together the new wardrobe and there have been a couple of hits and misses in the shoe arrivals. Too tight....ouch. Thankfully, it's easy to return things to Amazon these days. And yes....that is where I purchase much of my wardrobe these days. They have lots of sexy, classy wardrobe and accessories that don't break the budget and look fabulous.

One outfit is NOT from Amazon though. I've had it several years and it's the most out and out glamorous, expensive Fetish outfit one could imagine. I can't wait to see how he captures me in it on film. It was a gift from a friend for one of our Halloween parties here back when the resort was jumping. It fits better than ever, thankfully!

And that's about it folks. Life is busy and it's good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Last Thursday

This past Monday...the 19th. Back in black.

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