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Perfect Florida Spring Day! * Pics!

Hello My Sweet Friends,

I just checked the weather, 81 degrees and 61% humidity with a lot breeze. Perfect weather for blowing the boatloads of pollen in the air around. My allergies have been way worse this year, starting in January...lasting several weeks....respite for a couple and then returning with the tree pollen. This time is runny nose, eyes and tired. It's affecting my asthma. But I'm not alone. So that makes it better I guess. lol

Not complaining because I texted with Alexx, my Albany psychic two days ago and it was miserable. Late March and April are never as warm as you'd like in the Northeast. You keep waiting for the leaves to pop out on the trees but it's as if they are saying....hell no! It's still too cold.

My orchids are glorious. Blooming like crazy with more of them sending up new flower spikes. It's going to be quite a site for a while. Something that brings me almost as much joy as sex. Note...I said, almost.

It was non-existent this week except for self love until last night. A playmate is here for the weekend. I'm a happy camper.

So, nekkid pool this afternoon, club tonight, pool again tomorrow with playtimes in between. Great fun although I probably won't be able to walk Monday morning. Not complaining.

Only fans, seems to be slowly bouncing back. There's a new hot series up now with porn producer/actor Conor Coxxx that might peak your interest if you're into a little Grannie/Grandson fantasy. Neither of us were real comfortable with that script so we changed it to Step-grannie, step-grandson. Someone that seems less........taboo.

Still, it was fun although seeing myself overlit was an adjustment. Every flaw appears next to a 31 year old male body. Gulp! He assured me that "they" would like the contrast. I'm not so sure.

Aging is not for sissies. Inside I feel young and vital. Mostly. Outside it's a battle but we all have to go through it sooner or later. The wisdom that you learn along the way helps make up for the outside war wounds.

Someone wrote to me this week and said that I was sexy and attractive at my age except for my protuding belly. Why didn't I have a tummy tuck? I wrote back, "at my age, diet and exercise are where I am unless you want to pay for it and cover me for the 8 weeks recuperation." Some folks think I'm wealthy. I'm okay but there's no big nest egg. Things are too expensive since Covid.

So they wrote back again, insisting I do lipo or some such again mentioning my belly. Then my unconscious self replied...."Who the f--- do you think you are telling me what I should do with my own body?" Last I heard from them.

My self in the present could have done better but it's a process staying there all the time. Still, much peace and joy have come to my life learning not to listen to the crap in my head and instead focusing on the here and now.

No, I didn't get my original Instagram account back nor did my Tryst get reinstated although I'd just paid for my ad. It's what it is and I'm okay about it most of the time. I'm working on.....being okay all of the time.

Life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses...Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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