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Oops...losing track of time. Wed. update Thursday. Pics

Hi My Naughty Friends,

It's a cloudy/rainy/thunderstorm poppin' up kind of day here. I've been waking up earlier in the mornings so today I was out walking just before dawn. Much easier to breath in the cooler air and oh so peaceful. I do NOT enjoy walking on the treadmill in the gym. You miss all that nature has to give you!

My sister and her husband departed last Friday for their new home in The Villages. I think everyone knows what that is...a 60,000 strong collection of villages and housing developments that's managed and groomed to within an inch of it's life. Lovely but it reminds me of an Adult Disney World.

Their place has a sweeping view of their golf course and a view of the sunrise each morning. Really lovely.

So I have my place back to me, myself and I. I love my family but I love living alone even more. Now they are 60 miles away and I can see her often but not too often. LOL

Saturday I drove up to help with the unpacking. Sunday was a photo shoot with Steve of Girlz On Film. He's based in the Metropolitan NYC area but he and his wife, like everyone else, want to relocate to Florida. Part of the reason there is such a shortage of homes to rent or buy here. But it's true every where.

I brought LOTS of sexy wardrobe and while you'll see selfies of the outfits here the finished product will not go up on this site until fall. It was a lot of fun, good content but 4 hours in heels. I felt like a truck ran over me on Monday.

I'm back to blonde. Yeay! It was a halfhearted attempt before with the last hair stylist and I was getting frustrated she was not listening. When you are spending that much money you should get what you want. So I want back to my old stylist who is a color expert. He actually travels all over the country teaching color. I've known him 7 years and while he's even more expensive he's fabulous. I love the results. Pics below.

Clips are selling, cam is slowing a bit and I have an adventure this Saturday with a returning friend. With the rapid increase of the Delta version of Covid all over the country, especially here, I predict camming is going to pick up again. I'm still amazed at the cavalier attitude toward the vaccine. I'll just say the science. See the results. At my age with asthma, I'm thrilled I had both jabs. One of our neighbors was vaccinated but has lung problems. He contracted covid from an unvaccinated neighbor and is fighting for his life.

PLEASE......THINK OF SOMEONE ELSE BESIDE YOURSELF IF YOU'RE STILL DRAGGING YOUR FEET GETTING VACCINATED. Young people are dying here in Florida in big numbers. Yep.....unvaccinated. So unnecessary.

We filmed for social media Monday and today this week. It's a yoyo at Twitter. They block numbers go backward. They unblock me...the numbers surge ahead...a week later they block me again. etc, etc, etc. It would be maddening if I let it be. I'm not naked, no porn, hardly any comments about anything in reply....but I'm a sex worker. Same old discrimination as elsewhere.

Still, I'm thankful they let me out of the bottle every once in a while to pile up more followers. The Twitter folks and most of the YouTube and Instagram are sweet. I'm learning how to ignore and then block the cowards who are nasty.

I've been struggling to loose 5 pounds for several months ON Keto. It's been so frustrating. Finally I decided to go on a fast....water, bone broth only for two days....a little tiny bit the day of the shoot to eat the third. I'm finally under my goal weight and it was an enlightening experience. I had energy and a kind of clarity that surprised me. They say that happens and it also boosts your immune system. I will careful add a day or two every couple of weeks while I resume Keto.

Yes, I cheat upon occasion. You have to but then I get right back on it. Now it's a lifestyle not a diet. And I've lost 40 pounds in 2 1/2 years since the hip surgery. Slow and steady. 5 more and my Dr. and I agree, that's enough! Now I know how to do it.

I'm happy, content and loving the life I've chosen with all of you taking a part in it. I'm grateful for each and every one of you!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS....filming a solo xxx in the next day or so. I have a new toy to review. A glass dildo.

Last Friday update. Red corset dress. LOVE this! And my new blonde hair.

Monday's Update - Black teddy, robe, stockings and glam heels.

Today's Update - Gucci style elegant maxi. Matching hose and stilettos.

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