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Oops, I Did It Again! * Pics of course

Hello My Faithful Friends,

Thanks for taking the time to read my journal. This last week I've had my Instagram return possible, the kidnappers tried to sell it back to me so I had no choice but to do a Backup account. 37K followers lost.

avb.gilfgoddess_backup will get you to me now. Don't give them any money at the old avbgilfgoddess ......please!

Then someone hacked my Tryst account which although I've been re-verified and the hacker stopped I cannot get my account back up. Another so called escort in Tampa stole the ad, and changed the email/phone and posted a 35% deposit for appointment. Oh, and lowered the donation. Lots of luck to the guys who sent a deposit. They never would have met that person.

Thank goodness I decided to resume at

I'll never understand why people who are so smart can't make an honest living. My mind just does not work that way.

I've been doing the usual friend stopped by for a duo with Myla and I. It was wild and because she's a squirter too I had the bed covered in pads. HE was a very happy camper. So were we. Some cam, lots of only fans work and the usual stuff of life.

I've been to our club a couple of times and it seems that as a unicorn, (single woman) I'm in demand with some couples. Only thing...not really interested. But it's flattering to some point. I do know the conversation pool is mobbed on the weekends. Some pay the entrance fee and head right there. Yep, they are f---- and s----g in the pool. Not terribly fussy who they do it with either.

New swingers think they are at the candy store. Us old timers just shake our heads and hold out for fabulous. Which doesn't exist for the most part. LOL

Still, I'm glad it's doing well and better looking people seem to be returning. It's reminiscent of the old days here when it was a really good looking crew of singles and couples. The single guys used to line up along a rail in droves. All you had to do was say...."I'll take you." And sometimes I did. But that hasn't happened in a long time. I'm particularly fussy.

I go for the social interaction and to dance. It's still scary as Covid isn't done with us yet and probably never will be. I just couldn't sit at home forever.

I think my last filming for for Brazzers is either out or will be out soon. I know it has been edited. My last with Conor Coxxx I have. What a shocker. Reality sets in seeing that grannie body next to a 31 year old one and the overlit set. He says folks like the contrast. I sure hope so. The first segment will be up at tomorrow evening.

Not much else is new. I have a house guest next weekend and it will be fun. Easter weekend I'm having friends in for dinner. I'm back in the mood. But it's a shocker the cost of a ham and the fixings for dinner now. I honestly don't know how families are managing.

But life is good. I'm still enjoying myself, my community and my friends. I'm a very lucky lady!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Next two from Aldo's shoot.

My I haircut and color.

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