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OnlyFans Debut!

Hi Boys,'s up. My own page went up Monday mid-afternoon as soon as Twitter ended the shadow ban. So far it's going great guns and I'm already in the top 16%. Actually, that means there are LOTS of creators on there who don't work their own page and must not be making any money.

It's a no brainer to me. If you're consistently staying in touch with your fans every day...responding to comments, messaging and thanking them it will work. I believe it has less to do with how perfect you look but more about your personality and how engaged you are with your fan base! Of great content helps too.

My videographer has been out of town, returning today so we're going to shoot brand new naughtiness as soon as we can. I have an "interview" with a prospective model at 1pm today and hopefully, if we click, we'll shoot in the next few days. He has a BIG dick! Should be great boy/girl stuff!

I also have a tentative POV blow job tomorrow evening. Perfect for those new to filming and when they do not want to show their face. Cocks don't have your name tattoed upon it. With that in mind I'm going to bring back "Anneke's Oral Adventures Around the World." Although it will probably be around Tampa since I'm not planning any world wide trips until next year.

I AM looking to film with fans. If we've met and you can see you cock over your belly and you'd like to film reach out. Oh...and you must be shaved!

If we've met in the past...just email or text me. If we have not...we would need to chat then meet.

It's $9.99 a month...discounts if you join for longer periods of time. No extra charges for viewing anything there. 24/7 access for content. I will return your messages and chat. Just not in the middle of the night.

Things are good. Had a yearly physical with the hormone Doc yesterday after I had my pellet implanted. I'm healthy she says. Just use very few artificial sweetners of any kind and take more B12. i can do both!

Things are good...met a new friend yesterday and cam sessions continue!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke know you can get a pre-paid credit card to use for adult content. Discreet! And I do love Amazon Gift cards for cam/text/chat sessions. My Amazon account is

Monday's Social Media Update...the naughty version on onlyfans.

A teaser for OF yesterday! Video follows at OF.

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