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Only Fans Immersion * Now top 2.5% +Pics

Hi My Naughty Boys,

The heat is on in Florida. At least until I head outside in the mid-day. Chilly mornings, lovely days. Except with little heat or air on the house gets damp. Towels don't try and it's musty. So you really have to have one of the other. It's the humidty ya know?

Thanksgiving with friends and family was a hit. The menu turned out fabulous and we all enjoyed each other's company. All 7 of us. Then our community had a small golf cart parade. I'm always amazed at how creative some of these folks can be. It was a big party and lots of fun.

So...yes...I'm now in the top 2.5% of creators on Only Fans. I googled what that really meant. Not a whole lot. It's not definitive. Now if I was in the top .01% I'm be making huge bucks. Although it's been a VERY good first month with 420 fans and 107 posts. THAT is a lot of naughtiness! I love it when I put something up that someone loves and they send a tip. Sure not used to that with Twitter or Instagram or You Tube. The Only Fans guys really appreciate your efforts if you are genuinely making them.

We filmed again on Monday with the Delivery Guy and that will not be out for a bit. I also did a short but fabulous squirting video before he arrived. Sorry it's only at

I finally was able to access some of my past videos done this last year. There were more available then I realized. So it's now a mix of brand new updates, classic Anneke and videos done within the past year. I'm also filming again with Violet as her male counterpart, mid-December. Violet might make an encore too. It's been very successful. If you like to see TS's with a female you'll like her too. BIG package.

We will continue to ramp down to make it easier on Jim. Their continued demands would cost him by having to upgrade equipment and softwear. It's not really worth it. But I will leave it up and let it rattle on, on it's own. So you will have access. It seems to me OnlyFans is a bargain in comparison but it's not without it's limitations in signing up.

I'm having lots of fun, staying busy but still being very careful to stay safe against illness. Especially now that we have another nasty variant. If most people get vaccinated it would make a huge difference. All the science says this is around for a while folks so don't get lazy and complacent and stop wearing your mask. Remember, your perception of "being free and preserving your liberties" robs me of mine to stay healthy.

I'm loving this Holiday is good! Thanks for your support!

Smiles, Kisses and Licks/Your Very Naughty Girlfriend Goddess and GILF


PS....I am raising my donations after January 1 for in person, Facetime, Texts and Chats. Old friends whom I have seen are grandfathered in at this last year's donation.

Monday, Nov, 29 Update...there was no update on Thanksgiving.

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