One Step Closer to Immunity * Pics

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's lovely today, yesterday also. The homeowner's association is pressure washing the buildings and then repainting. So...this afternoon I have to remove all the plants from my patios. Some are large and heavy. I have no clue where there are going to go. I can't lug them all the way to my garage so I think they are going out in the middle of out courtyard.

The vaccine process was pretty amazing Sunday. I left my home at 8:30 in the morning and I was back home by 10:30. The national guard was directing and the health care workers were really impressive. I was exhausted Sunday night, still low energy on Monday morning. By Monday afternoon I felt back to normal. The next vaccine is February 14th and then I will supposedly be immune. It's my plan to be providing again by the end of March.

Yes, I'm booking for then now. What are the requirements for an adventure? Same screening, advance notice and either be vaccinated or have had a very recent test and be negative. I cannot bring infected folks into my space even if I'm immune. It's irresponsible.

My camera man was here earlier for our Wednesday social media update. You'll see a couple of pics below. I'm having some issues with my videographer, damn it. But it's how it's always been with any of them. Thankfully, Diamond Jim is still helping. However, I am not deterred...have tripod mounted camera and POV. The title will be..."What I'd Like to do to You! (If You Were Here.)

I'll admit it. I'm old school. If I say I'm going to do something...I try my best to do so. I'm constantly amazed at what people promise and then disappear. Oh, wait. Sounds like politicians.

All the plants are moved I'm foregoing the weights today. That was enough!

At least I could do the task! Life is still good! It would be better if we had some virtual fun this week! Let's be naughty together!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Pics from Ladies that Lunch today. Yes...there's a naughtier one on XXX.

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