One Last Gasp of Hurricane Season * Getting Ready in Tampa * Pics

Good Morning Boys,

Yes, Eta is barreling down on Tampa. We're under a hurricane watch right now with an added tornado warning for southern Hillsborough county. I'm in the county just north, Pasco, so as the rapidly moving storm heads closer we'll go to hurricane warnings and tornado warnings also. I'm about 20 miles north of Tampa but inland 25 miles from the west coast. Not in a flood zone.

I've already been to Publix and topped off my hurricane supplies and bought water. Bottles and jugs. The jugs go in the freezer to held keep the fridge cool as long as possible. Anything else I can freeze in a chunk does also. I have a 14 pound frozen turkey in there so if we're lucky and do NOT have the power go out I'll be okay. If it can probably all stay okay for 2 days. If the power is out longer then's garbage. What happened during Irma 3 years ago.

I moved all the patio furniture and plants inside after I came back from the market. Yes, it was a big job but I would hate to lose them. They bring me so much pleasure.

It moved so fast there was little time to prepare. Schools are already closing and except for the low lying and coastal areas, little evacuation has been ordered. Why? Covid. Shelters are no longer a safe place to head. We had 3500 new cases just yesterday in Florida. But Florida is always ready so I think we'll come through this okay. I do not need to evacuate.

I'm fine. The winds are not supposed to be that strong and I'll hunker down. I'm sure the barbecue grills will come out if the power goes. But I bought food that will keep. And I have plenty of booze. It will be the absence of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning that will be disastrous if the power goes out. I have an old neighbor with a generator. lol

So,,,,one last update this afternoon to social media and that could be if for a while. Hopefully not.

NOTE!!! For those of you who were unable to log in I think the problem is fixed. I spent three hours on the phone with Wix Monday evening. What a convoluted way to do things but it should be working. While I had the techie on the phone we set up a new page. xxx explicit videos. xxx membership has become xxx explicit photos and you'll receive 3 free months when you sign up with a paid option after it expires.

Maybe there will be groans and moans but at the rate Onlyfans is growing I feel it's time to make this move. It takes time to do these and it's my living. In other words, it's business. You'll still have Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for the free stuff. Remember, the first 3 months of explicit photos are FREE when you sign up.

When I launch the in site, xxx explicit videos the price will be $9.99 a month. I will update the vids two to three times weekly. You may cancel at any time. If you have questions ask me directly by text or phone at 518 258-0866 between 10 pm and 10pm or send an email to I've already begun filming those clips and have them saved for the launch.

That's about all the news for now. I'll keep you posted when I can.

Life is still good! I'm on the ground floor now not the fourth with an elevator that goes out of service when the power does.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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