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Good Morning My Friends,

I'm still bounding out of bed earlier then usual these days. It does help me accomplish more in a day then when I sleep in. But it's too early to walk as the humidity is always high in the a m. It's 61 now but the humidity is 90. It feels clammy.

I'll do weights today anyway. I have a long bench and I put my favorite towel over it. It's ancient but has the printed body of a hunk in a bathing suit on it. Inspires me every time!

The turkey tummy is now gone and I'm so thankful that I can keep myself in check with this keto way of eating. If I crave a pizza I just make a keto recipe. The crust is mozzarella cheese and eggs. Is it the same? Heck no, but it gets rid of the craving for that wonderful Italian mix of tomato, spice, more cheese and whatever else you want to load on it.

Almond flour usually replaces real flour but I've found my body doesn't like a lot of it. I made oven fried chicken the other night using crushed up pork rinds instead. The next night I did fried oysters with that coating too. Believe it or not they were delicious. Tonight I'm making home made sauce with Italian sausage. I've found some noodles made from mushrooms from Whole Foods that are really good. surely did not log on to this journal for a cooking class. Even though this is about the everyday Anneke you'd like to hear something a little juicier about my week.

Monday, we filmed in lieu of last Friday. I've been racking my brain trying to come up with solo fun that isn't boring. Monday morning I whipped up some heavy cream, got out a jar of cherries and put my "supplies" together. You'll see a pic of the outfit. I hopped on top of my granite counter in the kitchen for a little dessert. Me. Ending in a floor drenching session.

Well, that ruined the outfit and we'd only taken a few still pics of that outfit. There was whipped cream and cum all over it. So I changed into another to do the pic part of the update.

Diamond Jim has uploaded the "dream" shoot and it's ready to view at I'm sending Monday's video to him today. It should be up in the next ten days to two weeks. The last three are already the top sellers there so it seems new content being available is the driver.

Duh! I've wanted to continue to add more for years as you know but the consistent help hasn't been there. It's a blessing to have my new videographer and the return of Diamond Jim!

Perhaps you could help me with some ideas that you'd like to see in a solo shoot? I just cannot take the chance of Covid filming with someone else. The good news is there are several cuties who want to as soon as it's safe. If you have a suggestion send it to or text me at 518 258-0866 or give me a call. Same number.

Not much else new except I took a trip to St. Pete yesterday to see my dermatologist. I was SO excited that I was going somewhere! And life during Covid.

But it's still good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Monday's Update

After the outfit for pics.

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