New Moon Weekend! Cooler Weather Too!

Good Saturday Morning My Friends,

It was 72 with a cool breeze when I stepped out on to my patio this morning. I didn't check the humidity but I knew it was much lower. It's 63% now 3 hours later. Walking weather for me.

And I did...chatting with a neighbor and his cute dog as we walked to the trash bins and his dog area. Nice guy and he's stopping for cocktails on the patio tomorrow evening. I'm trying to make a conscious effort to get to know more of my neighbors. Many I knew before the move.

Even though I've either visiting here or living here since 1996 that are still so many folks I haven't yet. I'm looking for a new circle of friends in the time of covid. Those that we can meet safely, outside, to stave away the isolation. Although I'm very content in this new place. I can see my neighbors and even if we might not always speak or socialize I know folks are close. It makes a difference.

With my virtual business some who cam only want to chit cat...just say hi, how are you, let's get to it, get that release and adios. Totally okay.

Others want to catch up. Then play. Some only want to chat. We all cope with our needs in different ways. I'm here for any of those. Even if you just need a shoulder and sometimes we all do. I have two.

I spoke with Diamond Jim this week...texted actually...and he is willing to edit and load content again for me. Yeay! He's been the best and most reliable webmaster and partner in crime I've ever experienced in my profession. A really good guy and I trust him. So, with this new moon, which is about creating what we want I have to get off my butt and get some things done.

There is no doubt I've been procrastinating. I've made my list of things I desire and tonight, when it's dark, I'm going to do my new moon meditation and ritual. You might think it's nonsense but the moon affects this planet in immense ways with it's gravitational pull. And once again, it's keeping that short list in your life. Not letting things slip away or build up.

I'm looking forward to getting out the ritual cloth that Alexx gave me, cleansing with sage and firing up the candles. It's time to get going!

It's still been quieter this week but I started off the weekend with a session this morning after my walk. That always is a sign that energy and business is moving again. I'm ready to play....when you are.

I'm having an ongoing battle with Spectrum, my internet and cable provider. IF you are thinking of switching to them......don't!! They lie through their teeth. The quote they give you for service and the actual bill are entirely different. Think......double what they told you plus more.

I'm going to get out that digital antenna I had up north and see if I can hook it up to my bedroom tv. If I can...I can get the local news and important to me. I'll keep their internet but I'm dumping the cable....again. With these smart tv's we really don't need the cable connections.

I only watch tv in the evenings so it will be fine. I'd rather be playing with you. When I head to bed it's with a good read. Again...I'd rather be playing with you.

We gotta hang in with this virus. And we all have to vote! I'm heading to early voting this upcoming week. I want to make sure that ballot gets in there!!!

At least we live in a country where we still can make those choices. Here's hoping that continues. It's still a good place to be. is good! Keep that mask on too!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Lavender Update....notice the light strips....I can change the colors! LOVE IT!

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