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New Moon * Changes Ahead * NO I'm not retiring! * Pics

Hi My Lovely Folks,

It's absolutely gorgeous today. I got tired of hiding in the house with the high pollen count and have been going outside more, without a mask and heading to our pool. I'm not sure if it's the new allergy med for folks like me with asthma that my primary prescribed or the pollen count is down. Whatever it is I am thankful.

I had a really fun time at The Castle in Ybor last Saturday evening with a playmate, the pool Sunday but the rest of the week was kind of lost.

I've been kind of wandering around in circles lately. Doing what needs to be done, happily but a little rudderless. This past week was the new moon and that is the time for change. And I've sensed it. Just not sure what.

I'm also reading No mud, no lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh, a buddhist monk. My daughter recommended him as we are sort of on the same path of mindfulness and trying to be better people. You laugh. I personally don't think being sexually out there makes me a bad person.

He's passed but his work lives on and it's practical and makes sense. Helping me find the answers to some of the questions of life I've been searching for. It takes work but I think it's fabulous that at this stage of my life as a very mature woman that I can still learn and grow and evolve as a human being.

Skipping back to the last sentence of two paragraphs ago...being a bad person, I've found that when I wander into my playroom with all the acroutrements of a domina that it leaves me flat and cold. And my business in that arena just isn't there any longer. I truly believe that we send out the energy that attracts like folks and I have not been doing it in the BDsm world for some time. I truly have not been focused there.

Clear as crystal this morning it came to me that it's time to refocus on being the ultimate gfe that I always was. Oh, still having that kinky side, age play, strap on, sensual fetishes but backing away from the role of the Domina. While I'm very much a dominant woman I never really have been a Domme in the truest definition of the word. I'm too freaking nice. I'm not a lifestyle dom. I've only been a pro domme in the professional sense.

As fate would have it Aldo Antonio is designing a new website for me as I type. After my revelation this morning I texted him and asked him to call me. Prompt as he always is, I LOVE this man, I explained what I wanted and needed in this new site. The focus back to the ultimate service of a passionate gfe and provider with a very kinky side. The Fetish Goddess page is coming down.

And when I think about it I think it scares a lot of guys to death when they go to my website as it is now and actually read it. People call me every day from my Eros ad and I send them on to and never hear from them again. The other reason I think they do not is the navigation on the site is complicated and confusing. I've tried to get the former web mistress to change is but she just either won't or can't. So it's has to evolve go to a simpler, exciting and fun adventure for folks to view. Yep, I'm getting older and my market is shrinking but there still many gentlemen out there there fantasize and prefer a mature woman. And a VERY mature woman at that. I can't tell you how many times they say please tell me you are in your seventies or eighties. THAT would be even hotter. I'm not admitting a thing. Smiles!

I have no desire to have a revolving door or a cast of thousands coming through my door, much preferring just a handful of respectful, passionate gentlemen each month. That is a perfect compliment to my only fans work and my horny self. And the personal playmates I see.

So be looking for the new, shorter and more exciting

Yes...for my current fetish gents I will still be available. I just might have to tie you to the bed instead of the St. Andrew's cross. It doesn't go with my decor any longer any way. LOL Do you hear the world redesign coming up?

Filming again tomorrow with The Boy Next Door. The 2nd shingles vaccine on Tuesday this past week kicked my butt and we had to reschedule. It was 3 days of recuperation. I was warned by my pharmacist but didn't think it would be so uncomfortable.

Between that and the pollen I'm feeling thrilled to be getting back to my normal, high energy, naughty self.

Watch out boys! Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday's Update for Social Media...and there is always an exclusive version of what I'm wearing for

Thursday's update....Mixing Up a Manhattan,...check out YouTube...Anneke Van Buren and Instagram avb.gilfgoddess_backup. Yes, my main account got deleted after suspension. Very sad. A story for another time.


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