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New Lingerie and Where It's From * Pics

Good Saturday morning my friends and playmates!

It was 75 and humid upon awakening. I head outside every morning with my tea and sometimes freshly brewed coffee, (I've never understood why you spend 100's of dollars for someone else to make it for you) to check on my garden.

The Monarch butterflies are still laying eggs but I've taken the protective screen down from around my Milkweed plants. It's an eyesore in our beautiful courtyard. As in all of nature, you are food for another species. I've decided I'd let nature decide which caterpillars survived to pupae then hatching int butterflies.

Right now I have one caterpillar but a bunch of eggs on the plants. I know when there are more because they start to strip the milk weed bare. Then it's a scramble to find more.

I love these mornings as I put my feet on Mother Earth. It's important that we all do this and get out in nature to recharge and reconnect ourselves. I'm hoping to go to my nudist resort for some sun and relaxation this afternoon!

I had my coffee this morning, fertilized my blooming orchids and did my gratitude list. Then I took a short walk. I only did 1.3 miles and I walk every other day. Arthritis in my spine has dictated that.

So, I filmed with the Delivery Guy again Monday. While the videos are good it was not a good experience. I'm not working with him again. Monday is a shoot with my old partner and playmate. Really excited about that. Myla and I will film again the end of next week too.

The video I shot in LA is out in the form of a clip. You can see it Anneke Van Buren @ Annekenordstrum at Twitter. It's pretty cute. It's supposed to be on but you'd have to join to see it all. Sorry, I have no control over that.

I've scheduled a new photo shoot with Aldo Antonio June 8th here in Tampa. I love working with him. He is adorable, a huge personality and the consummate professional with a reasonable fee that I can afford twice a year. It's always fun to work with him!

So, I'm putting together my wardrobe for the shoot. Yes, it's an excuse to buy beautiful new things. Fortunately one of my Twitter followers and a member of sent me a gift to purchase the beautiful Emerald green outfit below.

They are based in Australia and sex work is not illegal there so they are BIG supporters of us girls in the business. Of course, they are making a fortune but bless them. Their products are high quality and so beautiful. I have two outfits now that were both gifts. I splurged and bought a 3rd for the upcoming shoot.

Where do I get all this stuff? Everywhere, mostly online. Fashion Nova, Playful Promises, Venus, and Amazon, believe it or not. Except for Honey Birdette I can look for bargains that look expensive and sexy. You really cannot buy these in stores or if you can never in my size. All the Italian and French lingerie is smaller sizes. I'm on the lookout for a leather ensemble too.

It's not just wardrobe, it's accessories and shoes. Of course it's SUCH a hardship having to shop for beautiful things. NOT! I will not go the Louboutin and Vuitton route myself however. I need to save money not spend it on shoes and handbags that are thousands of $.

It's a sad week though as I lost my beautiful cousin J Thursday. She was my best bud growing up and we reestablished our friendship when I lived in Albany. I know I've mentioned her before. She knew my profession and was loving and excepting. Saying she didn't care what I did. She loved ME. I will miss her and hope she finds peace beyond.

Which reminds me again to treasure each and every day I'm given. Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


"Laura" from Honey Birdette

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