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My Legs Were In The Air * Pics

Good Sunday Morning Hotties,

So sorry, yesterday "came" and went without a thought of doing my journal. It was chilly again outside but hot indoors since I had a "nooner but sooner" yesterday morning, After my brain went into cum fog. An afternoon cam session reinforced it.

That's what one of my hand job filming partners said after he did.....cum. It stuck.

I even went out for lunch and had a hamburger and fries. Keto was forgotten too. Some days you have to just do what you want. When you want to.

It's been a very busy week again. Always a good thing and I'm at the top 3.3% at Only Fans. The holidays bumped it all the way up to 3.7% at one point. That was expected however. I'll still take those stats!

I've been working diligently to create new content, tease with my vast library of photos, past videos and interact with the fans there at

This past Thursday evening our Live Streaming Show was particularly hot! And the tips were a lovely thank you. That's one of the unexpected treats there....that guys tip when you offer something they like. Unlike Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Although there are a handful and especially one. YOU know who you are love so thank YOU!

But it does translate to name recognition and trust over time and out of the blue someone will text, call or write and say, "I've been following you for years and I'd like a cam session, date, etc." Or they will send a very lovely compliment. It seems to take time and confidence to pull that trigger.

And I totally understand why! It's a scary world of scam artists out there. The latest for me is on Twitter.."We can help you get OnlyFans subscribers." Mmmhuh...I send you money and that's the last I hear from you."

A couple of years ago there was this gorgeous, young, skinny French Domina with a huge Twitter following who offered to promote you within her realm. I paid $60 for a year, hoping it might expand my brand. Yep..a few dibs, dabs of mentions and she disappeared. She was all about everyone else just giving her money...especially men....just because she existed. And from the looks of things, they did. I actually applaud her marketing skills even though I won't operate in that manner. She's laughing all the way to the bank.

I have not taken my eyes off the rest of my endeavors. I'm still seeing friends, albeit on a very limited basis each week and offering cam sessions. When I film it's also for as well as OnlyFans. Tomorrow I'm heading to Orlando to see a long time friend from Dallas. We met years ago in Chicago and have stayed in touch all these years. I'm really excited to reconnect again!

It's been a very good week. I was able to negotiate a two year lease to stay in my beautiful condo. These last few months have been a blessing on so many levels and this was my only concern. Can I stay or will I have to find somewhere else to live? It's a huge balm to my soul to know it will still be my home.

And of course, I'm going to do a redesign. Mostly paint accents and accessories. I'm planning on being here.......forever. LOVE IT!

Life is good! Thank you all for taking the time to read my musings! Love you!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS..loved watching Reacher on Prime this week. Now that's what Jack Reacher is supposed to look like. Not Tom Cruise who I refused to watch!

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