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Miami Exotica, July 16th, 2022 * Pics

Good Sunday morning Peeps!

I've been at my sister's the last two weekends helping her with her upcoming move. This weekend was a "sale of house contents" event. While she only advertised within their very gated community she did well.

We met a lot of neighbors and got references for a variety of organizations that will take consigned or the donated contents remaining. They are installing new flooring throughout the house and it has to be gone!

It was really interesting meeting these folks and they were all nice people. I did notice one thing they had in common. They ALL liked to talk...a lot. Men and women alike. During one of the lulls, she and I were trying to nap in one of the two recliners, (sorry I hate those things in a room) when their dog started barking.

More people arriving...and they all liked to talk too. After it quieted again we both commented about that. Me....I live alone and it seems as if too much "people" annoys me, at times. I've known it always annoyed her. But we both noted that many lived by themselves, it's a retirement community, and they are probably lonely. Or they are new to the community and desiring to meet new friends. Believe it or not, we were both sweet.

In many ways she's social but from a distance. We both guard our emotions because we connect with others too easily at times. And some people are just energy suckers. I'm polite but I kind of run in the opposite direction when I see them.

I'm an extrovert turning into a more quiet person as I age. I'm content to sit back now and watch and listen to others. You learn a lot more that way then listening to yourself all the time. What will sometimes happen if I have a longer isolated stint is I might talk your ear off if you call or we meet.

It's been really good for me to go to the nudist resort once a week. Chatting in the pool and at their little rustic bar at the end of the fun in the sun. I know when I've had enough and I say bye bye. It makes me chuckle thinking about how I've changed.

My sometimes solitary life became most acceptable with the Covid isolation. I learned to be a peace and content with living alone. I've also learned I need the social contact but in fewer doses then years past. I don't know it I could ever live with someone again. I suppose if it's the right person, I could!

It was a busy week filming a lot of solo stuff. Getting my exercise in and of course having to drive to Ocala and back.

Fortunately, I'm shooting with an fan tomorrow and then meeting with a porn producer later in the day to discuss working with him for a content exchange. Then another fan reached out who wants to film. This is what has been on my intention list for weeks so I'm thrilled. I know some of you love me but you don't want to watch me by myself all the time.

Believe me I don't want to just be doing myself all the time either!

I am most excited to announce that I will be attending Miami Exotica, at the Miami Convention Center July 16th. That's a Saturday and while they have 3 days of events I think 1 day of my being there is enough. I do check in Friday afternoon but I'm not attending until Saturday. Then I head home Sunday.

If I am going to be a part of the adult film industry I need to be there to network and say hello to old friends and new creators in the biz. When I attended the New Jersey Exotica years ago I was astounded at how many folks I knew and how many knew of me. I hope that might still be true.

Miami fans....if you'd like to have dinner Friday evening let me know.

Hot preparations for the photo shoot Wednesday with Aldo Antonio. Hair tonight, spray tan tomorrow, nails Tuesday morning. What? You thought I looked like this naturally? I wish, lol.

I'm very excited and especially with our shoot location. It's a beautiful three story B and B, owned by a friend in this community. It's decorated in an Italian and French Renaissance style. If you're speaking bling....this has it in spades. Plus an indoor pool and jacuzzi. The possibilities for great shots is endless!

Life is good! And remember, it doesn't cost a thing to be kind! ( I have to remind myself all the time.)

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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