Merry Christmas My Friends * Pics of Course.

I's a couple of days early but with your holiday commitments I thought I'd get a jump start on wishing you the best for this next week of holidays. When you've had enough family time I'm here. lol

Beautiful today...73 now..tomorrow evening through Saturday nights the bottom is going to drop out of the temperature. I'll definitely have to move plants inside and cover others!

I did my little Twitter/You Tube/Instagram update but we did not film for Exposed today. My self tanning lotion has me looked spotted. Actually it's pretty funny. Hopefully by next week I'll be one color.

I'm looking forward to Christmas Eve with my gal pal and the neighbor across the street. Christmas Day I have no plans but it's okay. I'll have leftovers. :-)

I'll not be updating for social media but I will do a journal update. I might sneak in a new pic or two.

That's all the latest for now. Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

Love and Hugs,


Christmas in Red

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