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Memorial Day 2022 * Pics

Good Morning my friends,

I did not forget you Saturday. I "took" the first three days of the weekend off only I began on Friday.

My Sis closed on her new home in the On Top Of The World community last Thursday so I headed up Friday afternoon to give her a hand. After all the times she and her husband have helped me move it was a no brainer.

She bought the house furnished, which she does not need, so this trip was to help her sort out what she does not want, what she throws out and what she sells. She thought we'd be pricing stuff and having a in house sale but there was too much to sort through. The sale is going to have to be another weekend. Her movers come June 24th so she has to get the stuff out and have new flooring put down before that.

It's amazing the number of people in the world who have NO taste nor a clue how to arrange a home but at least it was fairly clean and they did leave some goodies behind. Most all the furniture will be sold, rugs, artwork that's left, kitchen, fans, lights, dishes, lalalala.

I have my pick of whatever I want. I really do not want for anything but they do have two electric fireplaces that I am going to snag. You laugh...a fireplace? In Florida?

Yep, sometimes it's just cozy and romantic to light it up on chillier nights. There's one my TV can sit on and another little one that will go in the master bedroom. You'll see them eventually. Another benefit, it has a golf cart. So they are going to give me one of the two they now have.

Enough of that. This past week was mostly work on, camming and filming. I filmed a Self Love On the New Bed reel for you.

That was one of the high points of the week. I've been looking for a used French style bed. For months. I walked into my favorite consignment store in Tampa, The Missing Piece and voila....there it was. I bought it, called their mover and in less then two hours it was set up in my bedroom and the old chrome four poster/black leather canopy bed was headed back to that store. So of course I had to film "something naughty!"

I got back from my Sis's yesterday morning, worked out and got ready to go to dinner with my British long time friend who is back for a month. One of my past playmates had sent me a big gift card for Eddie V's so we went to dinner last night. He got the transportation and the tips. Excellent meal although they seated us in a back room and we couldn't hear the trio or be surrounded with the dining room energy. I'll make sure not to let that happen again!

Heading to the pool in a's going to rain this afternoon and then a fetish session tonight.

Trying to stay upbeat and positive when many are suffering. My life is good and I am VERY thankful!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Last bed in the background.


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