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Lost At Only Fans! Pics

Hi My Naughty Boys,

Beautiful here in Florida...cooler mornings, lovely days. Some of my neighbors are freezing but I love it. I can't say my plants are though. They will adjust!

Looks like I just skipped right over last week's update. My apologies. I have had my nose to the grindstone with the addition of my OnlyFans page. I had no idea how much extra time it was going to add to my day. No complaints here and I'm no longer wishing I had more to do in the day.

I'm now in the top 3.6% of all the creators there. I'm aware that's it just staying on top of messages, comments and adding new and classic Anneke content every single day all during the day. It's slow and steady growth and the proof of doing a good job will be if the subscribers I have renew at the end of their month. As well as adding new ones each day.

Yes, there are some overnight sensations. I'm not one of them. I think mine is borne of steady, consistent hard work over these last 18 years in the adult business. I never realized how many have been following me since the very beginning. And they thank me for being there. It's really gratifying and sweet. Persistence pays off I guess even as a Grandma.

I understand how these young and younger gals who are personable and work hard are making an absolute fortune. And I so admire the gals who also have been in the porn industry as long as I but who have truly become stars. It's not an easy job filming adult content. Yes it's fun but it's hard work to produce good stuff and it matters how it's filmed. A fun scenario can be ruined by bad videography. My videographer has stepped up to the plate but we are learning together. And so are the guys I'm working with. As well as Diamond Jim. So a big thank you to all of them.

Add in personal encounters and continuing cam sessions and it's keeping me IN trouble. Exactly where I want to be.

I was supposed to film with a young black man Sunday night but did a little slip and slide in my bathroom. I didn't fall but I banged my right wrist against the door handle and tore back the skin on my hand. Just as he had texted he was on his way from Orlando. Luckily he hadn't gotten to his car when I texted him back to say I couldn't film that night. It was a mess. But nothing you can stitch.

However, it's starting the heal well. AND I found out I can do a lot more than I thought. No problems with blow jobs or f-----g. In all positions!

Luckily we rescheduled for noontime the next day and I was able to greet him at the door and carefully, we had a HOT, HOT shoot. He was the perfect gentleman, so understanding of the situation, not annoyed at all and I'd love to work with him again.

I put a short sneak peek of us up at OF yesterday and I will be releasing short clips of our encounter over the next week. My filming with The Delivery Guy last week has been a big hit and I uploaded those the same way. Bit by bit. He was absolutely hilarious and added the funniest quips with perfect uncoached timing! AND he has a big package!

Yesterday I uploaded a full video that is Classic with Jake, the porn star, and I a few years ago. It's been a big hit so far.

I am aiming for variety and a personal touch. If you didn't know I can offer text, audio and video sessions there too as well as what I have been doing with Facetime and Skype. And I still am.

Yes...the content is explicit, fun and very, very naughty and you still have multiple ways to see me. OF, at and of course at And yes I will film with fans IF you can see you penis over your belly, are in good shape and can stay hard and cum. The fans prefer younger but if you're in hot shape...I'm game for any age. And you don't have to show your face.

Life is good! Love you all!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...and yes...Thanksgiving is once again at my place. Select safe friends and my Sis is helping me in the kitchen. I'll post the menu next Wednesday!

This past Monday's update!

Last week's update.

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