Lock Up Your Husbands! The Pellet Has Kicked In! Pics of course.

Good Almost Noon My Friends,

It's 91 with an heat index of 101. Luckily, I awakened at 7:45 am and had my coffee on my patio before the sun rose over the condos across from me. While it was a tad cooler, everything was damp. Even under the overhang. When the dew point is in the 90's in the morning, it's inevitable. So, I sat my bare butt, (I do anyway) with a towel on the chair pad and enjoyed my surroundings. Yes, I was naked outside for coffee this morning. Actually social nudism is expected in this new association. Folks look askance if you are dressed all the time. They take their nudism seriously.

I'm in a courtyard with two buildings facing each other. Two floors each. There is a condo just like mine on each floor. Fortunately, the neighbors in this courtyard all have good taste so the plantings and the potted palms are lovely. Plus, it's all immaculately landscaped in the best Southern style. If you live in the south you know exactly what I mean.

Me....I have two huge tiled patios with partial overhangs and lots of space to garden. In pots. You can't dig in the ground because it's common area. My Sis bought two big traveler's palms as a house warming gift for me. They are on either side outside my living room slider. I had some plants that I brought with me and I've since added two large ferns in black pots.

There's lots of room for more and I'm plotting my plan. I want two big Areca palms for the other patio outside my master bedroom and big pots full of lantana, salvia and other plants that attract the pollinators. They need all the help to survive we can give them.

I spied some roses at Lowe's that have been trained as topiaries. Each with a pink and white rose. There's also enough morning, early afternoon sun to have a planter of tomatoes and herbs. Maybe a lemon tree too! I already have basil growing outside my front door in a little iron planter. I don't get the hot mid to late afternoon sun. You do not want that in Florida.

I know, I know...get on with the naughty stuff Anneke. Hey....all the above is part and parcel of my daily life along with having sex with you on camera. Or talking and texting dirty and taking even naughtier pics for friends who want specific shots and wardrobe. Usually it's just...nekkid.

So, you understand that as a nudist, being naked doesn't bother me at all. And I've finally accepted that the less than perfect and aging parts of my body don't have to be hidden either. I've embraced my body at this age and how I look. It's part of the cycle of life.

The ironic thing is that in many ways, I feel more beautiful and confident then at any other time of my life. Why? Because life has taught me wisdom in all the experiences, good and bad. Mistakes and all. They are all part of the process of teaching us to grow and change for the better.

I feel so blessed to be able to have a profession that I love. To have the nature of a sexually open minded woman who enjoys sharing that vast erotic knowledge with my friends. There's no shame, only joy in becoming truly my authentic self. A sensual woman, a homemaker, a friend, a confidant and your lover....even though it's limited now due to Covid.

I haven't fully made up my mind about resuming in person services. But I have edited the VIP page to give you ideas of what I will require and the donations when I do. Above all, we both have to be recently tested and healthy. If that means I only offer one adventure a be it! This will only be available for trusted, returning friends who live IN the Tampa area. We'll all just have to see what happens in the future. Obviously, you would have to book well in advance.

So what's up today? Finally initializing my new Iphone 11. No more camera noise. I am nervous about keeping the contacts and photos/videos on my phone. I'm sure the tech that gets my call will be pulling their hair out.

Wish me well in this endeavour. This phone was long overdue.

Here's a couple of pics from Monday's video update. I'll be doing them on Mondays and Fridays. Continuing to update the Journal on Wednesdays and Saturdays. When I update the Journal, I''ll also add xxx stuff to the member's page. Remember, you can join for free. I do have to approve you so be patient.

Until we meet...virtually or in person...."If you can't be good, be good at it." And life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Grlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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