Let's Resume In Person Adventures! Safely and Selectively! Pics!

Hello My Naughty boys,

The week is racing by..we're mid-way through September and I can't believe where things are here. Settled. My home, my patio and gardens, my life. It's fabulous.

It was a little cooler on the patio this morning. Mid-70's. It's 80 now but our skies are overcast due to hurricane Sally still in the gulf. Very little effect here but for some rain and a little wind.

Business is slower. Why, I'm not sure but there is a new moon tomorrow morning so that could be part of the reason. It seems to come in frantic waves. Everyone is horny on the same day at the same time. If that isn't planetary influence I'd like to know what does cause it.

I am not complaining when I'm busy. I love it and so does my bank account.

Florida is a very interesting place to be right now. It seems it's in denial. There are 119 girls on Tampa Eros. That's the usual number pre-covid. While yesterday's new infections were 1700 plus it seems everyone is just ignoring that and gone back to work. Obviously the guys are also.

If I'm honest I've begun to wonder if I've become paranoid about all of this? Am I too cautious? Is there really such a condition a being overly paranoid in this pandemic? Fear should not have a place in our lives. Common sense must however.

I really do want to get back to real time encounters. It's been since March since I've kissed ANYONE! Yeah, I know, that's the last thing on YOUR minds. lol

My pre-awakening dreams are fully sexual and I awaken in a half sleep hoping they would continue in the same vein. In other words......I'm horny too! Plus, I am loaded with testosterone and estrogen with the new pellet. It's starting to be, bite the knuckles time.

Probably not a good moment to make a decision about resuming adventures in Tampa Bay. I kick it around, I talk to Andrea, I pray, I say thank you, thank you, thank you for what I do have but......

it's still there. What should I do? I'm horny, missing my guys but want to make the right decision.

My instincts are saying, resume but be careful and very selective. I'm high risk but I feel healthy as hell. And aside from the aches of arthritis, which we all have, I am great. I really want to get back to the full spectrum of services.'s what I'm thinking. I know I mused about this a few weeks ago. Resume...only with returning friends. Who must be healthy.. Only ONE appointment every ten days to two weeks. Obviously you'd need to reserve well in advance.

That gives me time to be certain I'm healthy between adventures and to thoroughly clean and sanitize my place, my playroom and boudoir. My donations will have to stay as they were last posted.

Incall only.

VIP Girlfriend, Fetish Goddess, Sensual Domina

600 for one happy hour

800 for 90 minutes

1000 for two hours.

1150 for a dinner/lunch date which includes two hours of private time. I will be dessert.

No overnight's or fly me to you yet. And I'd prefer you didn't just get off a plane.

There.....the decision is made. I know many of you have been waiting. Let's plan your adventure.

Of course....Virtual, phone and text sessions will always be available. Please try and plan ahead. If you want a wake up morning appt. you must reserve by 10 pm the evening before. I will continue the little video updates on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram but fewer. is always available for late night, last minute releases.

Here we on another adventure in life.'s good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Red Baby Doll (yes, I see the quality, I'm having problems sending pics from my new Iphone to my computer.) If anyone knows why..send me a text or an email please. I'm stymied. I took these from Twitter.

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