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Late again! New pics!

Hello My Friends,

It's Sunday afternoon and it dawned on me I hadn't written a journal update. Looking at the statistics there doesn't seem to be the readership I used to enjoy here. Perhaps I've gotten boring as the years go by. I know most guys like new and different. I get do I!

My videographer has been on vacation so I hope to resume filming this upcoming week. I have one hottie who I'm going to meet and hopefully he'll show up and we'll click and we'll arrange a filming date. Myla has been away with family and we should film again when she returns.

I have been invited to the wedding of one of my granddaughters in October. The attire is Pirate costumes. I don't know what more to say about that then it should be interesting and different. Of course I'll wear something appropriate for the theme. Maybe an eye patch too?

This week was the nail and hair salon. I call them my beauty team. New white nails and toes with rhinestones and a brand new hair style and color. I hope you enjoy both. The hair is a big change but it needed a major cut to restore it to better condition.

Not much else is new. I received the newest booster for Covid Thursday and outside of a nap for a couple of days, which isn't that unusual there were no side effects. I had one crummy day after my flu shot this year. That has never happened before. Weird.

It's a new moon so my intentions are for abundance in health, wealth, friends and lovers. I wish the same for you!

Here's a couple of pics from updates this week. is chugging along yet ! Yeah!!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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