July1st The Summer Is Whizzing By! Pics

Good Morning My Friends,

It's 71 this morning but the humidity is 73%.  While the sun is out now rain might move in by noon.  No more coffee on my patio as all the furniture has been sold.  My computer is on my dining room table and there's a great view of the beautiful woods outside and my feeders however.   

Yesterday, before rain moved in there was a parade of birds at the feeder and one hummingbird.  They seemed frantic but it was the first time I had seen so many at once.  Of course, bird nerd that I am, I was in seventh heaven.

I was talking to this guy from somewhere in the midwest and he was hoping for a free chat get me off session.  I was too preoccupied with the birds.  He kept telling me how I turned him on and I kept announcing which bird was at the feeder. LOL  No bueno dude. 

This is my profession. It's how I make my living now and personally, I think it's cheap and disrespectful to call and expect me to get you off for nada.  If you were my lover, different story.  

In case you are wondering, there's not a blip of sadness left over the end of the relationship.  The Magic helped me put things in perspective and I'm grateful for the lessons I learned from falling in love..albeit for only a few months.  I have no regrets and only wish him the best.  And I'm not in the slightest bit of a mood so get involved for a while.  I have plenty on my plate the next couple of months.  My energy and intentions are pointed in that direction.

 Plus Covid has changed dating for a long time. If Florida doesn't get it's act together by the time I get back August 2nd I might not be offering sessions there as before.   I most definitely not going to be on a swinger's dating site.  I deleted my profile there some weeks ago.  

I did the drive through Covid testing yesterday.  It's located at the State University of NY at Albany.  You have to call for an appointment and the guy at the other end was rude and I told him so. I sprinkled a little imaginary fairy dust over him and he was calmed down by the end of the call.  

Hey, I get it.  They talk to idiots all day long.  But it's no excuse to treat anyone like they are stupid.  I should send HIM a copy of The Magic!  And I got of dose of the same impatience I sometimes aim at guys who call me and can't seem to figure things out or are rude.   It was a wake up call for me and my strong Leo personality.  I apologize if I've done it to you!

Once I got there to the testing site it's like running the gauntlet.  Blocked off,  National Guard manning the roads.  I was checked for ID and my appt. confirmation 4 times before I ever got to the nurses doing the testing in the tent. 

I didn't think that it was that bad.  I just counted to ten and did my yoga breathing as they eased that swab up towards my brain.  lol  The card they gave me said results in 5-7 days. They said soon.  I'd be shocked if it was anything but negative. But I want to know FOR SURE!  The anti-body test was negative but that really doesn't clear you.  I'll let you know.

The furniture is going slowly but if it doesn't some charity will get the rest.  I so wish I could ship that gorgeous white 86" long sofa to Florida but the cost to do so would probably be as much as buying a new one. Only it's now listed at the website where I bought it for double the price I paid.  Its pristine, barely used and I do not want to give it away.

Still, it's all just stuff.  I already have enough stuff in Florida.  One favor, if you Florida Tampa guys know of any movers who are good and inexpensive please let me know.  I cannot ask friends to move those big pieces of furniture. 

Back to biz.  I have met some of the coolest people virtually.  I feel like I've made a whole new circle of friends from all over the world.  I have to thank Twitter for most of the referrals but many have said they've been following me for years and 1. they couldn't afford the donation or 2. they were no where near where I was. Nor would they ever be. 3. They were too shy or afraid to have a session.   For those who did book a virtual adventure and have been sitting on the fence to meet  they are now ready for real time when it's safe.  

The great thing about virtual is it's legal and super discreet.  You get to see exactly what I look like and experience my personality and sensual self.   It's way more fun then I ever though it would be also.

Today?  Getting "fixed up" then cleaning the house,  strength training day, hosting sessions and working on getting this furniture OUT the door.  I may have to have a Saturday in house sale but my Sis said she'd come and help.  Masks, hand sanitizer at my door and I'll be limiting the numbers coming in.  If we can sell it's possible I'll leave for Florida sooner.  Of course, I'll keep you posted!  Let's face it, the bed has to go last.

Tomorrow, I am getting my nails filled and having a pedicure.  They social distance and wear masks at the salon. NY state isn't putting up with nonsense from non-compliance.  I do feel safer here. 

Saturday the 4th I have a reading with Alexx.  While we chat every day and he let's me bounce stuff off of him it's my first since August 9th last year. 

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Gal Pal, Goddess and GILF,

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